Friday, January 20, 2012

January 20th, 2012 - Wish You Were Here With More Of This Beer!

Here's a pairing for lost friendship: Snake River Brewery's Pako's IPA (named for Pako the dog who was a brewery mascot that passed away a few years back) and Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here" (an album dedicated to former member, Syd Barrett who lost his marbles and quit the band - now dead.)  The IPA is one of my all-time favorites as is the album!

The first thing you notice after cracking open Pako's IPA is the nose... strong and floral-hoppiness and then the beautiful, rich golden color!  Snake River does not hold back, giving this American-style IPA a healthy dose (nearly 2 pounds per barrel!) of Washington State favorites, Simcoe and Columbus hops...  (god I love Simcoe!)  After pouring, you will notice the frothy, white head that clings to the glass with good retention and laciness... and that initial first taste is sharp, piney, and citrusy, but smooth with a clean finish.  It is an IPA so there is a dry bitterness to the finish, but it is oh so refreshing!  There is also a hint of sweetness in the underlying flavor, which seems to make itself more known as the beer warms... as with "Wish You Were Here". 

I think the succinct bitter notes of the beer and the bitter longing of "Wish You Were Here" make a perfect pair.  The slow-groove mellowness of the opening (and closing) notes of "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" (Parts I-IX) as well as "Welcome To The Machine" really work well in helping you truly enjoy the beer.  "Have A Cigar" fits in well with the sharpness of Pako's, the dryness of the finish... and the title track is the perfect song for sipping this wonderful brew.

Learn more about this great IPA and Snake River Brewery's other fine, handcrafted beers at!

Well, my beer is now finished as is the album... until next time... I shall miss you dear friends!

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