Sunday, May 20, 2012

May 20th, 2012 - Sailing Forevermore

Today, on this warm Sunday afternoon I am pairing Whitesnake's 2011 rockin' album, "Forevermore" with a "ridiculously tasty" and refreshing Full Sail India Pale Ale.

Full Sail IPA is a classic Northwestern India Pale with 6.0% alcohol by volume.  It pours a cloudy, golden amber with a 0.5 finger head with fairly good lacing.  The nose is very floral and sharp from those coastal hops.  Like any good IPA, Full Sail has produced a very dry, very refreshing brew here with notes of citrus and pine blended perfectly with bitter hops and toasted grains.  This is most definitely the kind of beer for a hot, rockin' afternoon!

Speaking of refreshing, "Forevermore" finds David Coverdale returning to the classic Whitesnake sound of the late '70s and early '80s, but in a very modern approach.  Coverdale continues his affiliation with virtuoso guitarists Doug Aldrich and Reb Beach, who seem to channel that Moody and Marsden era guitar sound of earlier Whitesnake years as well as the Sykes, Vandenburg, and Vai sound of the later '80s, but with a fresh and modern approach without being overproduced.  The band holds no punches, opening with the bluesy and rowdy "Steal Your Heart Away," a song that could easily have been included on "Ready An' Willing" back in the day - a wonderful barroom rocker.  And it doesn't end there... "All Our of Luck," "Love Will Set You Free," "Love & Treat Me Right," "Dogs In The Street," "Whipping Boy Blues," and the title track, "Forevermore" are all heavy rockers in the classic sense.  Even the 2 slower ballads are heavy hitters, with depth and wonderful guitar work.  The combined tone of Aldrich and Beach is fantastically deep.  Coverdale's vocals are as strong as anything he has recorded.  There are elements in his voice of his Deep Purple years, early Whitesnake years, and the 1990s Page / Coverdale work here, but again, this is refreshingly good old-fashioned rock.  And I'm a sucker for bluesy, straight ahead hard rock!  And doesn't that album cover look like you are stairing straight into a glass of IPA?

Check out Full Sail Brewing at and (as always) pick up a copy of "Forevermore" from the Heavy Metal Shop:!  Screw iTunes, screw Amazon... the Heavy Metal Shop is where it is at!!

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