Saturday, June 23, 2012

June 19th, 2012 - One for the old punks.. one for the new punks

A special treat for you my friends... my buddy Fischbox will be posting pairings on the site as well here on out.  Here's his first posting... enjoy!!

One for the old punks.. one for the new punks. SPEEDWAY Stout! This mortar-shell screams to be paired with Circle Jerks early 80's anthem "Wild in the Streets" (as old timer locals know, the streets are in this case 505 West 500 South S...LC.) This award winning AleSmith San Diego IPA is brewed with pounds and pounds of high end coffee beans added during the brew process ending up with a punk rock 12% IPA. I've been "aging" this bottle for 2 years and tonight it gets tested while I lean back and remember a hot August night in 1986 at the original Speedway Cafe. It's going to be hard to beat a trifecta of Circle Jerks, 7 Seconds and Ogden's own Draize Method but I'm confident that the combo of rich hops, infused caffeine and Keith Morris screaming in my bloodstream can reactivate a few sweaty memories of when I couldn't afford good beer... but when ten bucks could get your teenage ass into a punk rock show that could make your terrible 12 pack of Keystone in the parking lot taste like Magic Tijuana Rocket Fuel. Cheers! (Fischbox)

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