Sunday, June 24, 2012

June 24th, 2012 - All I Want Is Ale or The Beer Of It All

Another quick pairing from the Meista for ya...

It is nearly 100 degrees currently here in Salt Lake City.  I thought that qualified for something light and refreshing... both musically and in terms of the brew.  So tonight I'm pairing Roxy Music's 1974 progressive/glam-rock masterpiece, "Country Life" (on vinyl) and Uinta Brewing Company's Sum'r Summer Ale. 

Pouring a light, wheat color with a bright, white head with subtle lacing, the Uinta Sum'r is a classic and true American wheat blonde ale.  This very drinkable ale is clean, crisp, sexy, and very refreshing... perfect for a hot summer day of lounging and bobbing your head to Roxy Music!  It goes down smooth with a very clean finish.

Arguably one of their best albums, "Country Life" is an elegant pop/glam rock album with refined depth and sexual undertone... and overtones.  :)  Building from 1973's "Stranded," Bryan Ferry and the boys deliver a solid, refreshing and well textured work of artistic musicianship.  The delivery is complete and outstanding.  The infusion of jazz, rock, glam, pop, and Ferry's crooning is compelling, yet very "drinkable."  Songs like the quintessential "The Thrill Of It All" and the sleek, sexy, classic "All I Want Is You," and the light but melancholy "A Really Good Time,"seem to breathe "summer."  Manzanera's guitar work is near perfect and Mackay's jazzy tone is brilliant throughout the album, especially on songs like "Three And Nine" and "Out Of The Blue."  There's even a bit of a honky-tonk twang to "If It Takes All Night."   And "Prairie Rose" is absolute magic.  And of course the original, uncensored album cover (designed by Ferry and photographed by Eric Boman) is a steamy, sexual, classic of simple, yet grand proportions.  ;)


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