Friday, July 13, 2012

July 13th, 2012 - Fischbox Sends Cheers From The UK

Fischbox reporting live from England.. Sitting in a pub working my way across the tap heads.. Its dirty work but I am committed. I'd like to pair these lovely beers and cider with something rocking and inspiring but I'm immersed in a ca...cophony of football (err.. soccer) banter of which I understand mostly the curse words and something about Manchester being shite.. so yeah, it's a bit like Rage Against the Machine's debut album except there's a tad less self- immolation thankfully...

The Suffolk Blonde is thus far my choice date for the evening.. (although earlier a tour bus dropped off 20 pre-lubricated lasses for a few hours and they were as much fun to watch as a Mini Cooper full of monkeys with syringes).

The Suffolk Blonde is a local lager.. Light, crisp, 5.2% with a floral waft that was rather appreciated amongst a crowd of tour bus enhanced estrogen fumes.

I suspect I will devolve back to Guinness shortly as I haven't had dinner and as they say.. "There's a pork chop in every pint! ". Guinness is thick like a meal and mom taught me to never go to bed without dinner.

Cheers from the UK. May all your syringes be filled with glitter and gasoline... Or maybe penicillin if you find yourself trapped in that Mini Cooper..


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