Saturday, July 14, 2012

July 15th, 2012 - A Killer's Tilted Smile

Hello!  The Meista here with another "killer" pairing for you... Uinta Brewing Company's Tilted Smile Imperial Pilsner (part of their Crooked Line specialty beers) and my pal Eddie and his tilted and crooked grin from the 1981 Iron Maiden album, "Killers."  Oh, and this is the 1995 extended version of the album with a bonus disc featuring live tracks from Kosei Nenkin Hall in Nagoya, Japan and two b-side tracks, "Women In Uniform" and "Invasion."  I'm pairing these two beauties for several reasons: a) both are ass-kickers, "Killers" for its sonic assault and the Tilted Smile for its huge flavor (and alcohol content).  b) both are masterpieces of their respected industries.  c) both employ rich, complex, and intense approaches to delivery and flavor.  d) did I mention that they both kick ass?  :)

In the early 1980s Iron Maiden (along with several other NWOBHM bands) completely changed the face of music and redefined the metal genre.  "Killers," the bands sophomore album was the first Maiden album I purchased and still gives me goosebumps to this day with every listen.  Pre-Dickinson era, "Killers" is a bit more raw in style and production (which I like), but it still has that Maiden signature sound (thunderous drums, melodic and fast guitar work, and that stampeding bass guitar.)  And it offers classic Maiden tracks like opener, "The Ides of March," the rockers, "Wrathchild," "Murders In The Rue Morgue," and of course, the title track, "Killers."  But there are also some other "hidden" gems on this album like "Another Life," "Genghis Khan," and "Purgatory" with their blistering, face-melting speed... and also the wonderful "Prodigal Son" with its beautiful guitar intro.  If you are a metal-head and do not own this album, I seriously question your metal credentials.  :)

Uinta Brewing Company's Tilted Smile Imperial Pilsner is for all intents and purposes... a beast!  There's a good reason the innocent looking character on the bottle has a "tilted" smile.  She knows that the illusion of it being a Pilsner and what's actually inside is going to smack you right in the face!  Oh, she's a sly one alright... but very tasty!  The aromas are subtle, somewhat citrusy with a bit of a bicuitty scent.  Fully loaded with Saaz hops, there's an almost grassy flavor on the front end, but the malts are big and flavorful (especially for a Pilsner) with a somewhat boozy kick (the hatchet behind the back if you will).    The Tilted Smile is crisp and refreshing - drinks almost like an IPA, but without the hoppy bitterness.  A really good, solid brew... perfect for a hot, summer day with Maiden's "Killers" cranked up to the maximum!!

Cheers!!  -The Meista

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