Saturday, August 11, 2012

August 11th, 2012 - Face The Indian Brown!

Hello again metal and beer brethren!! How about some musical aggression from my Great-Grandfather Jensen's land? This afternoon your pal, the Meista is pairing the brutal Danish thrash/death metal band, Roarback's "Face The Sun EP" and Dogfish Head Indian Brown Ale.

With roots in '80s thrash and '90s death metal and a sprinkling of grind core, Roarback brings an intense and youthful sound to the current metal scene. Released in March 2012, Roarback's EP, "Face The Sun" is wonderfully aggressive, perfectly executed, and beautifully produced. (Can you call a thrash/death album beautiful without getting your ass kicked?) :) Andreas Dixø and Andreas Rohde make up the furious guitar attack that will peel the paint from your walls!... meanwhile the rhythm section of Kåre Holm-Sørensen pounds your head in with his thunderous and insanely fast drumming along with Mikkel Stender's bass destruction. And all the while Dennis Ullehus' brutal vocals channel the intensity of Max Cavalera (Sepultura/Soulfly/Cavalera Conspiracy) and David Vincent (Morbid Angel), but delivered with originality and truthful emotion. Although only a four-song EP, "Face The Sun" is explosive and feels like a cohesive album... but it definitely leaves me wanting more! All four tracks: "Face The Sun," "I Will Find You," My World," and "Warmachine" are classics with a rich and well-developed sound!

A hybrid ale, the Dogfish Head Indian Brown ale is a cross between a Scotch Ale, an India Pale Ale, and an American Brown... (kinda like a thrash/death/grind metal hybrid!)  The blending of styles makes this a very hardy, intensely flavorful, and somewhat aggressive ale... perfect for in-your-face metal!  Organic brown sugar, aromatic barley, and dry hops characterize this rather strong (7.2% ABV) and hoppy (50 IBUs) brown.  This hefty brew has it all, spicy and bitter hops, sweet and rich flavor throughout, and even a boozy kick!  It definitely pairs well with the metal onslaught that is Roarback!

Check out Roarback at and!! I absolutely love this band and cannot wait for a full-length album!! Get on it boys!!  And check out all of Dogfish Head's beers at

Cheers!! I need to go grab another beer and get some cotton swabs for my bleeding ears! :)

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