Saturday, October 13, 2012

October 13th, 2012 - Speedin' Back To My Beer!

Good evening beer and music lovers!  The Meista here with another quick pairing for you.  Today I'm pairing Widmer Brothers Brewery's Omission Pale Ale (a gluten reduced beer) with the "Ace Frehely" KISS album.

The Omission Pale Ale pours a wonderful copper-colored amber with a thin head.  The nose is light with notes of caramel, earthy malts, and citrusy hops.  The flavor is crisp, hoppy, and refreshing with a medium body and good carbonation.  For a gluten reduced brew, the Omission is a solid, flavorful beer.  I was actually rather sceptical as other gluten reduced or gluten free beers I have tried have been lack-luster at best.  However the Omission Pale Ale actually tastes like beer!  And not only beer, but a fairly good craft beer at that!  It is refreshing and smooth and perfect for rocking with Ace!

In 1978, the 4 members of KISS decided to put out 4 solo albums simultaneously.  I have always thought Ace's was the best... by far.  With the "omission" of the other members, Ace embraced his rocker roots with his solo album.  From opener, "Rip It Out" to "Speedin' Back To My Baby" to his kick-ass cover of "New York City Groove" to the amazing instrumental finale, "Fractured Mirror," Mr. Frehely delivers a solid, heavy-hitting rock and roll album that is a joy to listen to over and over again!  Sure the lyrics or simple and a bit goofy at times, but Ace's song writing and more importantly, his performance is outstanding.  He has a wonderful, refreshing, and warm tone to his playing that is timeless and crisp.  Just listen to the solo and rhythm work on "Snow Blind" and "Ozone..." outstanding!

Check out Widmer Brothers Brewery at  And if you do not own a copy of KISS "Ace Frehely"... well, I weep for you brothers and sisters!  :)

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