Thursday, October 4, 2012

October 4th, 2012 - Bobcat Thrash!

The Meista here with another pairing for you my friends.  This evening I had the great pleasure of sampling the new Bobcat Nutbrown Ale from Red Rock Brewery here in Salt Lake City.  On the way to the tasting and on the way home from the tasting I listened to Anthrax's "Anthrology: No Hit Wonders 1985-1991," a double album collecting 6 years of some of the best American thrash metal to ever hit the streets!  I would definitely say this is a very good pairing.  The depth of "Anthrology..." is perfect for the big, rich flavor of the Bobcat.  I won't do a disservice to the fine marketing team at Red Rock by trying to redefine the perfect description they've given here, but I will say that the balance of bitter and sweet, hop and malt, and smooth and sharpness is the perfect companion to an evening of blistering riffs, amazing hooks, and all-out, balls-to-the-wall rocking from the mighty Anthrax! Classic thrash like "Caught In A Mosh," "I Am The Law," "Among The Living," "Indians," the cover of Joe Jackson's "Time," "Belly Of The Beast," and the amazing "Medusa" deserves a classic and class-act brew... the Bobcat Nutbrown Ale is such a beer!!

So what are you waiting for?!  Go check out the new Bobcat Nutbrown Ale and all of Red Rock's wonderful beers at!!  Cheers!! 

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