Saturday, November 24, 2012

November 24th, 2012 - Creatures of the Brewery

Paying tribute to Paul Charles Caravello (Eric Carr) with today's pairing: "Creatures Of The Night" by KISS and Wasatch Brewery's Bobsled American Brown Ale.  Eric Carr died on this day in 1991 from complications due to cancer.  I've always felt that"Creatures Of The Night" displayed some of his best work as a drummer.  This one is for you Mr. Carr!  Rest in peace!

1982's "Creatures Of The Night" is KISS' 10th studio album and the last to feature Ace Frehley on the album cover.  However, Ace did not actually perform on the album and was only on the album cover due to contractual obligations.  Vinnie Vincent was the guitar player on "Creatures Of The Night," but would not get credit for many years to come.  What I like about "Creatures Of The Night" is that it is return to form for KISS.  The previous 3 albums had been very pop-oriented albums and the band had seen a huge decline in popularity.  1981's "Music For The Elder" had been a complete and utter train wreck, leaving many fans disillusioned and very disappointed with the direction of the band.  Fortunately, with "Creatures Of The Night," KISS once again regained their heavy metal status.  Eric Carr's drumming is thunderous, heavy, and aggressive, reminiscent of John "Bonzo" Bonham of Led Zeppelin.  Vincent's guitar work is fast and furious, hearkening back to the sound of early KISS.  Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons are re-energized as well, both in their vocal approach and guitar and bass attacks.  There is passion and aggressiveness in the lyrics and vocals again like that of "Love Gun" and "Destroyer" era songs.  I would argue that this might be KISS' first actual heavy metal album. Just listen to the amazing title track, "Creatures Of The Night!"  It is fast, gritty, and mean.  This sets the tone for the rest of the album and the new focus of KISS.  Songs like "Keep Me Comin'," "Danger," "I Love It Loud," "Killer," and "War Machine" all rock monsters!  This album also features on of my favorite, heavy KISS ballads, "I Still Love You."  Stanley's voice is powerful and heart-wrenching.  The guitar work is haunting, bluesy, and passionate.  And you will find this kind of passion throughout the album.

I'm pairing "Creatures Of The Night" with Wasatch Brewery's Bobsled American Brown Ale for the simple fact that they both rock!  The Bobsled pours a beautiful and warm-colored dark amber with a nice 1-finger head and good lacing.  The nose is mellow with notes of nut and roasted malt.  It has a nice roasted malt flavor with notes of baked bread, mello caramel, toasted biscuit, earthy pine nuts, and a nice, subtle bite from the use of the American-grown Willamette hops.  Coming in at only 4% ABV, the Bobsled is a pretty mellow brown that goes down easy and has a nice clean finish.  The Bobsled is a very solid, very smooth, very drinkable brown session ale that goes great with a solid, straight-ahead metal album like "Creatures Of The Night."


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