Friday, February 1, 2013

February 1st, 2013 - Around The Next Porter

Good afternoon!  The Meista here with another pairing for you.  How about some tasty Rogue Mocha Porter and BBM's 1994 album "Around The Next Dream"?

The Rogue Mocha Porter pours ink-black and opaque with a creamy tan head that clings to the glass with intricate spider web lacing.  The nose is earthy and strong with pronounced coffee notes and dark roasted malts.  The flavor has some really nice bitter-sweet chocolate notes up front, dark coffee mid-range notes, and a nice smoky finish.  There are some more subtle toasted biscuit notes as well.  Coming in at only 5.3% ABV, this is a very smooth and very drinkable porter that is great for kicking back with a bluesy power trio like BBM!

And speaking of rich and pronounced, check out BBM's "Around The Next Dream"!  Made up of Jack Bruce (bass and vocals), the late Gary Moore (guitar and vocals), and Ginger Baker (drums and percussion), BBM is a bluesy, soulful beast of a power trio!  With the rhythm section and the singer of Cream along with Gary Moore's insanely beautiful guitar work and bluesy singing, BBM is quite possibly the ultimate "super group."  Rich and silky like the Mocha Porter, these boys deliver a wonderful album with "Around The Next Dream."  Opener "Waiting In the Wings" sounds like 1968 Cream, but fresh and intense.  Moore's guitar work is flawless... just listen to that solo!  "City Of Gold," written by Bruce and jazz pianist Kip Hanrahan follows suit... could easily be a Cream track.  Baker's drumming is amazingly fantastic!  Moore's "Where In The World" is a beautifully written ballad with depth and fantastic musicianship.  Tracks like "Can't Fool The Blues," "High Cost Of Love," "Why Does Love (Have To Go Wrong)?," and "I Wonder Why (Are You So Mean To Me?)" are fast-paced, bluesy rockers.  Bruce and Baker swing and Moore tears it up!!  And finale "Wrong Side of Town" brings it all down with a slow and jazzy blues number.  Bruce's voice is velvety smooth like the Mocha Porter.  Man, what a great album!!

For some great, bluesy rocking and an exceptional dark ale, check out BBM's "Around The Next Dream" and grab a bottle of Rogue Ales' Mocha Porter!!


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