Friday, February 1, 2013

February 1st, 2013 - "I'm gannin' to see a man about a [Metal] Dog"

The Meista here with one more for you tonight my pretties!  Put on your leathers... 'cause we are rocking the fuck out!!  Closing the evening out with a couple from across the pond my friends...  a huge favorite of mine, the Metal Gods themselves, Judas Priest and their album, "British Steel" (remastered version) and a classic Newcastle Brown Ale from Caledonian Brewery Company in Edinburgh, Scotland.

"British Steel," released in April of 1980 is what I would consider one of the most important and influential metal albums ever recorded.  Showcasing classic, groundbreaking Priest tunes "Breaking The Law" and "Living After Midnight," this is the album that defines the Judas Priest sound!  A driving force of the early NWOBHM movement, Priest's "British Steel" transcended the music of the era and slammed a powerful metal, spiked fist in the face of the pop, punk, and new wave of the time.  Yes, hard rock was not dead!  Rob Halford's voice is metal perfection!  His range is expansive, his roots deep in classic English rock and American blues with a touch of flamboyant Italian opera.  The dual guitar work of Glenn Tipton and K. K. Downing is wonderful, driving, and catchy with wonderful hooks and strong influence from Thin Lizzy and Peter Green.  Ian Hill's bass work is solid, thunderous, and booming.  British Steel is the first Judas Priest album to feature drummer Dave Holland, previously of Trapeze... and he nails it!  The lyrics are rebellious, sometimes simple, yet completely honest and oh so metal!  I love every goddamned note, every goddamned lyric, every goddamned nuance of this album... it makes me feel young, free, and metal!  Songs like the explosive "Rapid Fire," the fist-pumping "Metal Gods," the pounding "Grinder," the grooving "The Rage," and fast-paced "Steeler" are in-your-face, straight-ahead, bang-your-head, metal monsters!  This expanded edition also includes the bonus anthem "Red, White, And Blue" and a killer live version of "Grinder," recorded in Long Beach, CA.  I don't care what kind of metal styles and bands you are into now... they ALL were profoundly affected by this album!

Newcastle Brown Ale ("the one and only") is affectionately known as "Dog" by local Scotsmen.  Nothing fancy, Newcastle Brown Ale is a malty, sweet, and mellow brown in the English tradition.  The aroma is that of newly baked bread with some rather subtle notes of raisin and molasses.  It pours a lovely chestnut, cola brown with a thin, but well-sustained head that displays great hoarfrost lacing.  The flavor is very malty, fairly sweet, smooth, and mellow.  It finishes clean with a nice, malty aftertaste.  The Newcastle Brown Ale goes down fast and easy... great for banging your head to the might that is Judas Priest!!

If you don't own "British Steel," I pity you... but there is still time!!  Contact my man Kevin at the Heavy Metal Shop NOW at!! 

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