Friday, March 15, 2013

March 15th, 2013 - Wig Out At Roosters!

Good evening brewvians and tunians!  The Meista here with another pairing for you... tonight finds me spinning some classic punk rock from 1987, Dag Nasty's "Wig Out At Denkos" and a Peloton Pale Ale from Roosters Brewing Company.  This pairing goes out to my good friend and bro, Chad.  Love ya buddy!  Cheers!!  And I also raise a glass to fellow B&T writer Fischbox... cheers my friend and brother-in-arms!!

An all-time punk favorite of mine, Dag Nasty's "Wig Out At Denkos" is a definitive album of my high school and early college years... and still stands up today as a kick-ass rocker!  Characterized by a perfect blending of post-punk, melodic hardcore/metal, and power pop, with "Wig Out At Denkos," Dag Nasty delivers a fast-paced, honest, and engaging album.  Colin Sears' drumming is spot on... at most times intensely fierce, at times swinging, and always precise.  Guitarist Brian Baker (of Minor Threat fame) delivers explosive power chords with machine-gun-like speed.  Doug Carrion's bass is thunderous and makes for a great pairing with Colin's drum work.  And Peter Cortner is definitely one of those underrated vocalists.  He brings honesty, emotion, and depth with each note and lyric.  Songs like "The Godfather," "Trying," "Safe," "Fall," "Simple Minds," "Wig Out At Denkos," "Exercise," and "Dag Nasty" are adreneline-charged rockers that will move you. Though slower, "When I Move" and "Crucial Three" are equally as compelling, honest, and musical.  This is definitely an album you need in your collection if it isn't there already!  It got me through some tough times... and some pretty fucking good times too!  (Oh, they rereleased this great album in 2011 with some killer bonus material!)

With such an explosive album as  "Wig Out At Denkos," I decided to go with a sharp, hoppy pale ale that goes down smooth and easy, but still delivers a nice kick.  The Peloton Pale Ale pours a deep, hazy copper with a frothy, 2-finger head that shows strong and layered spider web lacing throughout.  The nose is a perfect balance of maltiness and hoppiness - sweet and bitter.  There are notes of biscuits and summer grass.  Like any good American pale ale, the Peloton has a nice sharp, hop bite initially, a subtle baked bread mid-range, and a dry finish with some lingering bitter notes.  Brewed with eight malts (yes, eight!) and three varieties of hops, this pale ale is complex, full-bodied, and perfectly balanced.... hmmm... that sounds a lot like "Wig Out At Denkos"! 

I picked up this vinyl album at Raunch Records here in Salt Lake City some 20+ years ago... and you should too!  Check out Raunch Records at  and tell Brad that Brews and Tunes sent ya!  Check out Peloton Pale Ale and all the great beer from Roosters Brewing Company at!

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