Saturday, March 23, 2013

March 23rd, 2013 - Rust In Bitter Peace

Good evening!  The Meista here with another craft beer and metal pairing for you my friends.  Tonight I've got Megadeth's 1990 monstrous "Rust In Peace" and an Argo Extra Special Bitter (ESB) from Roosters Brewing Company.

The "Rust In Peace" lineup of Megadeth is probably one of my favorites of the ever-changing band and this is  probably my favorite Megadeth album.  The album's title was actually inspired by a bumper sticker.  Singer/guitarist Dave Mustaine stated in an interview, "I was driving home from... Lake Elsinore. I was tailgating somebody, racing down the freeway, and I saw this bumper sticker on their car and it said... you know, this tongue in cheek stuff like, 'One nuclear bomb could ruin your whole day' and then I looked on the other side and it said, 'May all your nuclear weapons rust in peace' and I'm goin', Rust in Peace. Damn, that's a good title. And I'm thinkin' like, what do they mean, rust in peace? I could just see it now―all these warheads sittin' there, stockpiled somewhere like Seal Beach, you know, all covered with rust 'n' stuff with kids out there spray painting the stuff, you know." With subject matter as diverse as ballistic missile strikes, comic book anti-heroes, religion, politics, magic, and space aliens, "Rust In Peace" is a complex, thoughtful speed/thrash album of wonderful musicianship and integrity.  Lead guitarist Marty Friedman is in a word, breathtaking.  He attacks his guitar with finesse, mastery, and blistering speed!  The rhythm section of original member Dave Ellefson (bass) and Nick Menza (drums) is a thunderous metal beast!  Ellefson's jazzy thumping coupled with Menza's explosive pounding makes for great, musical bedfellows!  And Mustaine's unique voice, thought-provoking lyrics, and shredding is fantastic!  Opening track, "Holy Wars... The Punishment Due" grabs your attention from the first note and then you are pulled into a wild and furious ride until the final note in finale, "Rust In Peace... Polaris"!   "Hangar 18" explores the possibilities of alien lifeforms on Earth, "Take No Prisoners" examines the issue of P.O.W.s and casualties of war, while "Dawn Patrol" explores environmental issue like global warming and greenhouse effect.  "Five Magics" and "Lucretia" are both songs of mystical fantasy.  Such a wonderful and defining metal monster!!

For a monster thrash album with some really biting lyrics and riffs, you need a bitter, monster craft beer!  Which leads us to my choice for this evening's activities, a Roosters' Argo ESB.  ESBs are more aggressive, maltier, and hoppier Bitters.  ESBs also tend to be more balanced than a regular Bitter as well and very drinkable.  True to form, Argo pours a very cloudy and deep-copper amber.  It literaly looks like apple cider.  The head is frothy and thick with very strong and sustained, bubbly lacing.  The nose is malty and slightly sweet with a subtle and hoppy bitter note that hints at what's to come.  The flavor is complex and aggressive like Mustaine's and Friedman's guitar work.  The malts are pronounced and creamy.   The Chinook hops give it some really nice bitterness in the middle of the tongue and there is a bit of a diacetyl note (somewhat oily) as well, but nothing overbearing.  There are also some really nice, soft caramel/toffee notes on the back end.  All in all, the Argo is quite dry, very drinkable, exceptionally balanced, and has a nice, clean finish.  A damn fine beer for a damn fine album!

Check out the Argo ESB and all the great beer from Roosters Brewing Company at!

Cheers!!  Hails!! 

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