Saturday, March 9, 2013

March 9th, 2013 - Dead On With Deadkill And A Hellmouth!

So last weekend I was in Seattle, WA... the mecca of American IPAs!  While there I got a copy of a 7-inch vinyl record from local punkers, Deadkill (on Good To Die Records) and had the great fortune of having a Hellmouth Imperial IPA at the Elliott Bay Brewing Company's pub in West Seattle.  This pairing goes out to my good buddy Jerry, who gave me the record and took me to Elliott Bay... nice guy!!  And he's just a bad-ass altogether!  Cheers Jerry!!

Deadkill's 7 inch includes 4 great punk rock tracks: "Oh God Help You," "5150," "Outta My Head," and "Rip Off."  Fast, aggressive, and powerful, Deadkill's music is in the vein of "old-school" punk bands like Circle Jerks, Descendants, and Seven Seconds.  They are irreverent, undisciplined, and a downright joy to listen to... punk perfection!   Driven by anger, Deadkill's songs are blisteringly fast, short and concise, and oh so much fun!  The fact that this EP was released on vinyl is an extra bonus!

And what better pairing for an aggressive Seattle punk band than an aggressive Seattle IPA!  As the name denotes, Hellmouth Imperial IPA is BIG... big, bitter, and aggressive!  Like Deadkill, this brew doesn't hold back any punches.  Hoppy as hell and high in ABV, the Hellmouth is a very strong, but very drinkable and refreshing IPA.  Here's what Elliott Bay's website says about the beer: "The name stems from the series Buffy the Vampire Slayer (which takes place in Sunnydale) and refers to 'a focal point which serves as a portal between earth and Hell. The Hellmouth attracts demons and other supernatural creatures, becoming a hot spot for supernatural activity.'  We thought that was a pretty good description of what happens when we ferment a 7% ABV beer in Burien (a.k.a. Sunnydale)!"

Check out Deadkill at and check out Elliott Bay Brewing Company at!  And check out Good To Die Records at some really wonderful punk and metal bands coming outta this label!