Saturday, April 20, 2013

April 20th, 2013 - Thrash In Blood... And Beer!


For my money, the best metal band in Utah is Truce In Blood (also known simply as Truce).  These guys have been rocking the hell out of the greater Salt Lake Valley since 1984 with no sign of slowing down!  Being "older" fellows like myself, they can teach younger metal bands a thing or two about hard work, dedication, commitment, and showmanship.  And also teach them about responsibility... guitarist Steve Busch once told me that "family always comes first" for these guys.  This four-piece band of thrashers is made up of Busch on guitar and vocals, Travis Jaron on drums and vocals, Shane McCormick on guitar and backup vocals, and Tracey Sweetring (a.k.a. Rooster) on bass and vocals.  With influence from bands like Anthrax, Death, Exodus, Metal Church, and Slayer, but totally original, Truce In Blood isn't some top-40, pansy-ass band.  These guys are talented hard-core thrashers playing orginal music and whipping their fans into a frenzy with every ear-splitting chord!  And these guys are recognized nationally as well... they've opened for the likes of D.R.I., Exodus, and Testmantent to name a few.

Last night the Truce In Blood guys ripped it up at local bar, Liquid Joe's.   They played old favorites and introduced several new songs from their upcoming new album.  I cannot wait to hear their new album... the songs kill!!  I really like all the tempo and signature changes... really liking the direction these guys are taking!  It is still straight-ahead thrash, but with a more progressive approach.  And man these guys are tight, professional musicians.  They don't miss a beat and make the complex guitar, bass, and drum work look like child's play.  The intricate and fiery guitar interplay between Busch and McCormick is amazing and is reminicent of Priest's Downing and Tipton, Rooster's bass work is monsterours claps of booming thunder, and Jaron's drum work is awe-inspiring!  His drum solo left me shaking!  If you live in Utah, are a metal head, and haven't seen Truce In Blood live, do yourself a HUGE favor and get your ass to a show!!

Oh, and I raised my fists and banged my head along with a frosty Cutthroat Pale Ale from Uinta Brewing Company on tap at Liquid Joe's.  This beer is the perfect hoppy and refreshing ale to thrash about with Truce In Blood!  It goes down easy, tastes great, and has a nice hoppy bite. 

And check out those bad-ass pics of the band from last night's show by photographer Tiffany Proctor Knighton!!  Thanks for the use of these great photos Tiffany!!

Cheers head-bangers!!

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