Saturday, May 4, 2013

May 4th, 2013 - A Brainless Medusa Embibing Raspberry Brew

Good evening my friends in beer and music!  Tonight the Meista is going with another pairing dedicated to my friends Jesse and Lindsey... a Brainless Raspberries Belgian Style Ale from Epic Brewing Company and "Medusa" by Trapeze.

Released in 1970, "Medusa" is the second album from funk/blues/hard rock band Trapeze, following their eponymous debut from the same year (also a great album!)  A power trio in every sense of the word, Trapeze comprised of Glenn Hughes on bass, piano, and vocals; Mel Galley on guitar and vocals; and Dave Holland on drums.  If those names sound familiar, they should!  Hughes went on to join Deep Purple in 1973, Holland joined Judas Priest in 1979, and Galley joined Whitesnake in 1981.  (Sadly Galley died in 2008 from cancer of the esophagus.)  Combining blues-rooted heavy rock and Motown funk and R&B, Trapeze had a sound similar to that of the band Free, but with more intricate transitions and tempo changes.  Songs like "Black Cloud," "Jury," "Touch My Life," "Makes You Wanna Cry," and the amazing title track, "Medusa" all are brilliant rocking monsters.  (Hughes actually rerecorded "Medusa" in 2010 with his band Black Country Communion.) And the slower "Seafull" is a heartfelt, bluesy masterpiece.  This band and this album is definitely something you should check out!

Brainless Raspberries is an interesting and refreshing concoction to say the least.  It is brewed with Premium Weyermann Pilsner, Ultra-Premium Muntons Maris Otter, Light Candy Sugar, Briess 2- Row Carapils Malt, Flaked Oats and Muntons Wheat Malt, and raspberry puree.  Epic employs Premiant, Tettnang, and Saaz, hops in the boil.  It pours a clear, Zinfandel red with a thin head that leaves only traces of lacing.  The nose is tart and ripe with ester notes of banana, and lemon along with pink bubble gum, and raspberry, and Belgian yeast.  The mouthfeel is bubbly and effervescent with a light body.  Like the nose, the flavor is tart and lemony with notes of white grape, citrus, and yeast.  There is a hint of raspberry on the back end that becomes more prominent as the beer warms.  It is quite dry and finishes clean. 


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