Friday, September 20, 2013

September 20th, 2013 - Ozztoberfest... Down To Ale!

Friday night my friends... time for beer and rocking the hell out!!  Am I right?!?  For me tonight, that's Ozzy Osbourne's 2001 album "Down To Earth" and a Pyramid Oktoberfest Autumn Lager!!  Yeah!!

"Down To Earth" is the Ozzman's 8th studio album and was the first album with new studio material in six years after the release of 1995's "Ozzmosis."    It was released on October 16th, 2001.  "Down To Earth" is the only album to feature bassist Robert Trujillo, who left the group to join Metallica in 2003 and is the first to feature kick-ass drummer Mike Bordin, previously of Faith No More.  Zakk Wylde provides the wonderfully rich shredding guitars!  And Ozzy... what can you say of Ozzy?  His vocals are fantastic on this album... some of his best work in my opinion (apart from Black Sabbath of course!)  Interestingly enought, the album really didn't produce any big radio hits (apart from the ballad "Dreamer"), but there are some really kick-ass tunes on this underappreciated work!  "Gets Me Through," "Facing Hell," "No Easy Way Out" (my favorite of the album), "That I Never Had," "Alive," and "Can You Hear Them?" all have that classic Ozzy heaviness, honesty, and depth, but with a modern approach.  This album is meaty and complex, but crisp... which reminds me of my beer!

It is a great time of year!  With Fall just around the corner, the brewers are cranking out their seasonal Oktoberfest ales.  The Pyramid Oktoberfest Autumn Lager is a Bavarian Märzenbier style lager.  It pours a deep copper-amber with a big, 2-finger, frothy head that displays strong and sustained lacing.  The nose is big barley and malt aromas with a bit of honey or molasses and just a hint of liquid smoke.  The flavor follows suit... a big malt and barley flavor upfront with some real nice hop bitterness giving it balance.  There are also some rather subtle toffee notes in the finish.  The body is medium with a refreshing dryness.  Whereas most Oktoberfest lagers are lighter and weaker, the Pyramid Oktoberfest has a heartier flavor and a nice little 6.7% ABV kick!  Definitely good stuff... and definitely great with the heavy rocking good times of the Ozzman's "Down To Earth"!!

Learn more about Pyramid Brewery and all their great brews at and order yourself a copy of Ozzy's "Down To Earth" from my buddy Kevin at the Heavy Metal Shop:!!

Cheers and hails!! 

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