Friday, October 11, 2013

October 11th, 2013 - A Decadent Cream Ale

Good Friday morning!  The Meista here with a pairing I did a while back, but forgot to post.  This is English prog-metal band Threshold's rather rare album "Decadent" and a Kiwanda Cream Ale from Pelican Pub & Brewery!

In 1999, Threshold released a special fan club compilation album, "Decadent."  It features 12 remixes and radio edits from their previous albums at that time ("Wounded Land"-1993, "Psychedelicatessen"-1994, "Extinct Instinct"-1997, and "Clone"-1998).  The tracks include a mix of both Damian Wilson and the late Andrew "Mac" McDermott on vocals.  As with the original album work, "Decadent" features the progressive sound of Threshold.  This sound is characterized by heavy and driving guitars, sweeping synthesizers, a powerfully tight rhythm section, soaring vocals, interesting and dynamic transitions, and lyrics examining life, death, love, hate, religion, science, politics, and environmental issues.  The only downside of the album is the fact that someone decided to include a "club mix" of the wonderful song "Paradox."  (What the hell is up with European prog bands and their ridiculous club mixes?!)  Oh well... the rest of the album kicks ass!  Unfortunately, "Decadent" is now out-of-print and not so easy to track down... but well worth the purchase, if you can find it!!

Kiwanda Cream Ale from Pelican Pub & Brewery is a unique and rather "decadent" cream ale.  It pours a somewhat hazy, straw-gold amber with a 1-fingered head that dissipates rather quickly.  Well carbonated and well attenuated, the Kiwanda is crisp, but with a smooth creaminess.  It is light to medium-bodied with a dry finish.  The nose is rather mellow; notes of malt, subtle spices, grains, and a hint caramel.  The flavor is malty sweet with a nice floral hop taste as well.  Somewhat herbal, there is a slight bitterness that quickly fades.  The Kiwanda Cream Ale is just a really good, solid cream ale that tastes great, goes down easy, and works well with the progressive and thoughtful music of Threshold!


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