Friday, March 21, 2014

March 21st, 2014 - Drioma Goes To Stalingrad

Добрый вечер!  Guten abend!  Good evening comrades!  The Meista here pairing a big and meaty Drioma Russian Imperial Stout from Red Rock Brewery and rocking out to the killer and bombastic riffs of Accept's "Stalingrad"!!

Named for a spirit of the evening and night in Slavic mythology, the Drioma Russian Imperial Stout from Red Rock Brewery is a big and bold, but very drinkable stout.  Originally brewed as a porter in the late 1700s and early1800s by English brewers hoping to impress and win over Peter the Great, the Russian Czar, hops and alcohol were added for the long journey to St. Petersburg.  Traditionally characterized by plenty of huge roasted malt character and high alcohol content, Russian Imperial Stouts are noted for the big chocolate and coffee flavors.  The Drioma Russian Imperial Stout follows this tradition and definitely does not disappoint.  It pours a very deep and dark brown with glints of red... like motor oil.  The thin mocha head has good retention and displays sustained lacing throughout.  The nose is primarily characterized by notes of baker's chocolate and coffee with an ever so slight hint of cherry and dark fruit aromas.  Full-bodied, the mouthfeel is thick and chewy, creamy and smooth, and fairly dry.  Like Accept's sound, the chocolate/coffee flavor is big, very present, very forward.  There are rich notes of creamy dark chocolate, bold roasted malts, and espresso coupled with softer notes of toffee, vanilla, and very subtle smokiness. The Drioma Russian Imperial Stout finishes dry and somewhat bitter, but with some nice real nice creaminess and warmth stemming from the 10.1% ABV.  The Drioma Russian Imperial Stout is a big, bold ale that compares wonderfully with the aggressive power that is Accept!!

"Stalingrad" is the 13th studio album by German power/thrash metal band Accept and was released on April 6th, 2012... and it is a doozy!!  "Stalingrad" is the second album since the band's 2009 reunion (with "new" singer Mark Tornillo), and like its predecessor is a wonderfully aggressive and fast-paced metal ride!  Characterized by Tornillo's gruff vocals, the beautifully powerful and soaring guitar work of Wolf Hoffmann and Herman Frank, the stampeding bass work of Peter Baltes, and the artillery fire drumming (just listen to his work on "Flash To Bang Time"!!) of Stefan Schwarzmann, Accept delivers the hard rockin' metal goods in a big way on "Stalingrad"!  Tracks like "Hung, Drawn, And Quartered", "Stalingrad", "Hellfire", "Revolution",  "Against The World", "The Quick And The Dead", and "The Galley" (to name a few) are instant classics in the vein of "Balls To The Wall"!  I was fortunate enough to see Accept promoting the "Stalingrad" album on tour with Kreator in September of 2012... and I can tell you... Accept. Tore. It up!!

будем здоровы!!  Prost!!

Accept live in Salt Lake City, UT 9/19/2012 at The Complex

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