Saturday, July 12, 2014

July 12th, 2014 - An Evolutionary Countdown To Extinction

Alright rivet-heads and malt lovers, here's a quick, rockin' pairing for you from your pal, the Meista... Megadeth's "Countdown To Extinction" and a Wasatch Evolution Amber Ale from the Utah Brewers Cooperative!

Band: Megadeth
Album: "Countdown To Extinction"
Release: July 6th, 1992 (5th studio release by the band)
  • Dave Mustaine - rhythm guitars and lead guitars, lead vocals
  • David Ellefson - bass guitar and backing vocals
  • Marty Friedman - lead guitars and rhythm guitars, and backing vocals
  • Nick Menza - drums and backing vocals
  • Themes: death, destruction, insanity, war, politics
    1."Skin o' My Teeth"  
    2."Symphony of Destruction"  
    3."Architecture of Aggression"  
    4."Foreclosure of a Dream"  
    5."Sweating Bullets"
    6."This Was My Life"  
    7."Countdown to Extinction"  
    8."High Speed Dirt"
    10."Captive Honour"  
    11."Ashes in Your Mouth"  
    Overall impressions: Fast, furious, clean, killer riffs and melodies, maybe their last great album???

    Ale: Wasatch Evolution Amber Ale
    Brewery: Utah Brewers Cooperative
    Color: Beautiful deep honey-red
    Head: Thin, off-white, good retention and lacing
    Nose: Big malts, dark toffee, toasted wheat bread, honey
    Mouthfeel: Light-bodied, smooth, low carbonation
    Taste: Very malty and hearty: toffee, caramel, butter, cracked wheat, barley
    Finish: Fairly clean with some lingering maltiness
    Overall impressions: Very good, sessionable amber.  Nothing fancy, but solid and rockin'!


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