Friday, October 3, 2014

October 3rd, 2014 - The Wet N Wyld Life... Or... Slaughtered By The Wet Hops

Evenin' rockers!  The Meista here pairing Slaughter's sophomore album "The Wild Life" and a very fresh, right off the line Wet N Wyld Wet Hop Extra Pale Ale (EPA) from Uinta Brewing Company! 

I picked up a growler of Wet N Wyld earlier today from the pub at Uinta Brewing Company.  For those of you not familiar with wet hopping, it is the process of brewing beer with freshly harvested green (aka "wet") hops.  (Most beers are brewed with dried hops in either leaf or more commonly, pellet form.)  The great thing about wet hops is that you get a very, very, very fresh and grassy flavor and nose.  However, the shelf life is short on wet-hopped brews so it is best to get it right off the line straight from the brewer.  The Wet N Wyld pours a wonderful, clear gold with a bright, white head.  The nose is crisp blend of malts, organic floral scents, and citrusy hops.  There are aromas of crackery biscuit, lemon, tangerine, orange, and grapefruit along with summer grass and herbs.   The taste is a magnificent blend of citrusy goodness, a touch of piney resin, and a strong malt backbone.  There are notes of  stone cracked wheat crackers, summer grass, tart orange juice, lemon zest, white pepper, and tangerine.  The finish is crisp, clean, and refreshing... just like early 1990s "hair" metal!

I think a lot of people my age define the early 1990s musically by the grunge scene... I define it a little differently...  Released on April 21st, 1992, "The Wild Life" is the 2nd album by Las Vegas hard rock/metal band Slaughter.  The album went certified gold from thanks to the success of hit singles "Reach For The Sky", "The Wild Life", "Days Gone By", and "Real Love".  The band on the album was made up of ex-Vinnie Vincent Invasion members and Slaughter founders Mark Slaughter (lead vocals, rhythm guitars, keyboards, piano) and Dana Strum (bass) along with Tim Kelly (lead guitars) and Blas Elias (drums).  Along with the hits, the album produced several other great rockers including "Out For Love", "Times They Change", "Move To The Music", "Shake This Place", "Hold On", "Do Ya Know", and the bluesy "Old Man".  Musically speaking, Slaughter has fuckin' chops!  Just listen to the bridge on "Reach For the Sky"... that alone proves how talented these guys are as musicians! 

Cheers... keep it wet and keep it wild!!

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