Wednesday, April 19, 2017

April 19th, 2017 - Actual Belgian Style Blonde Fantasy Revisited

Good evening!  The Meista here tonight pairing "Actual Fantasy Revisited" by Ayreon and Belgian Style Blonde Ale Brewed with Guava from Upslope Brewing Company!

Album Info:
  • Artist: Ayreon
  • Title: "Actual Fantasy Revisited"
  • Recorded: 1996 at The Electric Castle and RS 29 in Waalwijk, Holland
  • Release date: October 23rd 1996 (2nd studio album by Ayreon), "Revisited" version released in 2004
  • Record company: Transmission / InsideOut / SPV
  • Production: Arjen Lucassen
  • Album cover art: ?
  • Personnel: Cleem Determeijer (keyboards, synthesizer, and orchestral and string arrangements), Okkie Huijsdens (vocals), Arjen Lucassen (vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards, and synthesizer), Rene Merkelbach (Hammond organ and synthesizer), Edward Reekers (vocals), Floortje Schilt  (violin), and Robert Soeterboek (vocals)
  • "Revisited" personnel: Ewa Albering (flute), Astrid van der Veen (vocal sample on "Back on Planet Earth"), Peter Vink (bass), and Ed Warby (drums)
  • Musical style: Progressive metal, progressive rock, experimental rock
  • Sound: Complex, melodic, and a bit more electronic than most Ayreon compositions, "Actual Fantasy Revisited" is the often overlooked album. 
  • Major themes: With songs about science fiction and fantasy movies, themes on "Actual Fantasy Revisited" include seeking knowledge, virtual reality, space exploration, isolation, good vs. evil, life and death, etc.
  • Tracks:  
  1. "Actual Fantasy"
  2. "Abbey Of Synn"
  3. "The Stranger From Within"
  4. "Computer Eyes"
  5. "Beyond The Last Horizon"
  6. "Farside Of The World"
  7. "Back On Planet Earth"
  8. "Forevermore"
  9. "The Dawn Of Man"

Brew Info:
  • Brewery: Upslope Brewing Company (Boulder, Colorado)
  • Website:
  • Brew: Belgian Style Blonde Ale Brewed with Guava
  • Style: Belgian Pale Ale
  • Serving: 12 ounce can
  • ABV: 4.0%
  • Pour: The Upslope Belgian Style Blonde Ale Brewed with Guava pours a very hazy, bright orange with a thin, bubbly white head that dissipates quickly, leaving a thin ring and very little lacing.
  • Nose: The nose is fruity, sweet, and grainy with subtle hints of funk.  There are aromas of freshly picked apple, white grape, guava, mango, and champagne with hints of Belgian yeast, and light, crackery grains.
  • Taste: The taste follows the nose with lots of tropical fruit, Belgian yeast, and light grain flavor.  There are notes of guava, white grape juice, tart apple, soft banana, lemon zest, light spice, and crackery biscuit.
  • Mouthfeel: Light to medium-bodied with moderate carbonation, the mouthfeel is crisp, bright, and slightly tart with a clean and dry finish.
  • Notes: The Upslope Belgian Style Blonde Ale Brewed with Guava is brewed just for the state of Utah.
Overall pairing: The bright, crisp flavors of the Upslope Belgian Style Blonde Ale Brewed with Guava is great for the spacey, electronic sounds of Ayreon's wonderful and very underrated "Actual Fantasy Revisited"!  The complexity, yet drinkability of the brew is perfect for the brilliant intricacies of Arjen's amazing mind!!

Cheers!!  And hails!!

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