Friday, October 20, 2017

October 20th, 2017 - Fruitallica, Metallica, Alcohollica

Good afternoon hop-heads and headbangers!  Your pal the Meista here today rocking out to Metallica's self-titled 5th album and a Fruitallica Double India Pale Ale from Stone Brewing Company!

Album Info:
  • Artist: Metallica
  • Title: "Metallica" (commonly referred to as "the Black Album")
  • Recorded: October 6th, 1990 through June 16th, 1991 at One on One Recording Studios in Los Angeles, California
  • Release date: August 12th, 1991 (5th full-length studio album by Metallica)
  • Record company: Elektra Records
  • Production: James Hetfield, Bob Rock, and Lars Ulrich
  • Album cover art: Don Brautigam
  • Personnel: Kirk Hammett (lead guitar on all songs except "Nothing Else Matters"), James Hetfield (lead vocals, rhythm guitar, lead guitar on "Nothing Else Matters"), Jason Newsted (bass), and Lars Ulrich (drums and percussion)
  • Additional musicians: Michael Kamen (orchestral arrangement on "Nothing Else Matters")
  • Musical style: Heavy metal with elements of thrash metal
  • Sound: This was the transitional album between the "old" and the "new" sound of the band.  This may be blasphemy to some of you, but in my humble opinion, this is the last really good Metallica album (not great), but really good.  That said, with "Metallica", the band focused on a more straight-forward approach to songwriting and execution.  What really stands out on this album is Hammett's stellar guitar work!  His tone is dead on and he branches out with a more experimental approach, but still shreds the hell outta of it!
  • Major themes: Abandoning their politically-driven and more occult lyrics, with "Metallica", Hetfield's lyrical focus became much more personal and introspective.  Themes include nightmare, isolation, depression, the death of his mother, loss, missing someone, werewolves, emotions, etc.  Of the album's themes, Hetfield stated the he wanted "lyrics that the band could stand behind – but we are four completely different individuals. So the only way to go was in."
  • Tracks:   
  1. "Enter Sandman"
  2. "Sad But True"
  3. "Holier Than Thou"
  4. "The Unforgiven"
  5. "Wherever I May Roam"
  6. "Don't Tread On Me"
  7. "Through The Never"
  8. "Nothing Else Matters"
  9. "Of Wolf And Man"
  10. "The God That Failed"
  11. "My Friend Of Misery"
  12. "The Struggle Within"

Brew Info:
  • Brewery: Stone Brewing Company (Escondido, California) in collaboration with Beavertown Brewery (UK) and Garage Project (New Zealand)
  • Website:
  • Brew: Fruitallica Double India Pale Ale
  • Style: Double India Pale Ale (DIPA) / Imperial IPA (IIPA)
  • Serving: 22 ounce bottle
  • ABV: 8.0%
  • IBUs: 80
  • Ingredients: Tropical IPA brewed with kiwi, yuzu lime, and habanero
  • Pour: The Fruitallica pours a hazy caramel-amber with a thin, off-white head that leaves a thin ring and sticky, sporadic lacing.
  • Nose: The nose is very fruity (tropical fruit and citrus), malty, and a little spicy.  There are aromas of pineapple, grapefruit rind, tangerine, orange juice, mango, kiwi, lime, burnt toffee, and a hint of dried habanero peppers.
  • Taste: The taste follows the nose with lots of tropical fruit, citrus, spice, and malt flavors.  There are notes of pink grapefruit, tangerine, orange peel, pineapple, mango, kiwi, lime, spicy peppers, and a rich, malty, and sweet backbone.
  • Mouthfeel: Medium to full-bodied and moderately carbonated, the mouthfeel of the Fruitallica is oily, sticky, and sharp with a spicy, dry, and citrusy finish.
Overall pairing: The bold, powerful, and punchy flavors and aromas of the Fruitallica Double India Pale Ale from Stone / Beavertown / Garage Project is obviously the perfect brew for Metallica! Both are deliciously aggressive, yet very accessible.
Cheers!!  And hails!!

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