Monday, May 28, 2018

May 28th, 2018 - Made Of Metal And Irreverence!

Good evening headbangers and craft brew drinkers!  The Meista here with one more for ya tonight... I'm pairing Halford's "Halford IV: Made Of Metal" and a very sessionable and crushable Irreverent Pale Ale from Roosters Brewing Company!  Hell yeah!

Album Info:
  • Artist: Halford
  • Title: "Halford IV: Made Of Metal"
  • Recorded: 2009 through 2010
  • Release date: September 28th, 2010
  • Record company: Metal God Entertainment
  • Production: Roy Z and John Baxter
  • Album cover art: Attila Juhasz (design), Dean Wright (booklet art), and Eddie Malluk and John Baxter (photography)
  • Personnel: Rob Halford (vocals) with Metal Mike Chlasciak (guitars), Mike Davis (bass), Bobby Jarzombek (drums), and Roy Z (guitars)
  • Additional musicians: Ed Roth (keyboards)
  • Musical style: Heavy metal
  • Sound: With his solo project Halford, Rob Halford returned to a more traditional heavy metal sound after spending the '90s exploring more experimental metal styles.  "Halford IV: Made Of Metal" sounds like the love child of '80s Judas Priest and Iron Maiden!  It is heavy, fast-paced, fist-pumping, fun-as-hell heavy metal goodness!  Halford's vocals sound great and the band is tight! 
  • Major themes: Perseverance, aggression, heavy metal, power, might, etc. 
  • Tracks:   
  1. "Undisputed"
  2. "Fire And Ice"
  3. "Made Of Metal"
  4. "Speed Of Sound"
  5. "Like There's No Tomorrow"
  6. "Till The Day I Die"
  7. "We Own The Night"
  8. "Heartless"
  9. "Hell Razor"
  10. "Thunder And Lightning"
  11. "Twenty-Five Years"
  12. "Matador"
  13. "I Know We Stand A Chance"
  14. "The Mower"

    Brew Info:
  • Brewery: Roosters Brewing Company (Layton, Utah)
  • Website:
  • Brew: Irreverent Pale Ale
  • Style: American Pale Ale (APA)
  • Serving: 16 ounce bottle
  • ABV: 4.0% 
  • Ingredients: Mosaic, Chinook, and Zeus hops
  • Pour: The Irreverent Pale Ale pours a cloudy golden-amber with a 1-finger, bright white foamy head with good sustain and intricate lacing.
  • Nose: The nose is citrusy, fruity, earthy, and dank.  There are aromas of pine resin, grapefruit rind, lemon zest, mango, pineapple, and sweet caramel.
  • Taste: The taste of the Irreverent Pale Ale is characterized by bold flavors of pine, lemon, juicy pink grapefruit, mango, melon, pale malt, and light toffee.
  • Mouthfeel: Medium-bodied with moderate carbonation, the mouthfeel is very crisp with a very dry, slightly bitter finish. 

Overall pairing:  The Roosters Irreverent Pale Ale is a very crushable, crisp, and refreshing brew... great for the straight-forward, heavy metal onslaught that is "Halford IV: Made Of Metal"!!  Those crisp, hoppy notes pair so very well with the traditional heavy metal punch of Halford!


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