Thursday, June 6, 2019

June 6th, 2019 - Back From The Edge Of A Sang Noir

Good evening!  The Meista here tonight pairing the wonderful "Back From The Edge", the sophomore album by Pennsylvania power metal band MindMaze and a tasty Sang Noir 2016 from Cascade Brewing!

Album Info:
  • Artist: MindMaze
  • Title: "Back From The Edge"
  • Recorded: February through April 2014 at Brian J. Anthony Studios
  • Release date: October 24th, 2014 (2nd full-length studio album by MindMaze)
  • Record company: Inner Wound Recordings
  • Production: Jeff Teets and MindMaze
  • Album cover art: Carl-André Beckston (artwork), Jatzi Nieto (photography), Bruce P. Seaton (logo design)
  • Personnel: Mike LePond (bass), Kalin Schweizerhof (drums), Jeff Teets (guitars, keyboards, and backing vocals), and Sarah Teets (lead and backing vocals, and flute)
  • Additional musicians: Chad Barnes (backing vocals), Jens Johansson (keyboards), Matt Johnsen (guitar), Tom Kerrigan (backing vocals), Sean Loughead (backing vocals), Lord Tim (guitar), Jeff Pouring (guitar), Roman Palasiuk (backing vocals), and Chris Piaquadio (backing vocals)
  • Musical style: Power metal, progressive metal
  • Sound: With influence from bands like Dream Theater, Iron Maiden, and Symphony X, MindMaze creates a wonderful blend of well-written and executed power metal and progressive metal with their second album!  LePond and Schweizerhof drive a mean and thunderous rhythm throughout that works wonderfully well with Jeff's amazing and fiery guitar acrobatics and soaring keys, and Sarah's stunningly beautiful and wide vocal range! 
  • Major themes: Emotions, personal struggles, overcoming adversity, life, relationships, finding truth, power, states of mind, etc.
  • Tracks:   
  1. "Back From The Edge"
  2. "Through The Open Door"
  3. "Moment Of Flight"
  4. "Dreamwalker"
  5. "The Machine Stops"
  6. "Consequence of Choice"
  7. "End Of Eternity"
  8. "Onward (Destiny Calls II)

Brew Info:
  • Brewery: Cascade Brewing (Portland, Oregon)
  • Website:
  • Brew: Sang Noir 2016
  • Style: American Wild Ale
  • Serving: 25 ounce bottle
  • ABV: 10.1% 
  • Ingredients: "Blend of imperial red ales aged in bourbon and wine barrels for up to two years with Bing Cherries."
  • Pour: The Sang Noir pours a deep mahogany brown with a frothy, 1-finger light tan head that dissipates fairly quickly and leaves no lacing.
  • Nose: The nose is fruity, malty, woody, and tart.  There are aromas of dark fruits (black cherries, plums, and dates), lemon, a hint of cocoa, port wine, oak, and light bourbon.
  • Taste: The taste of the Sang Noir follows the nose with lots of tart, fruity, malty flavors with a little booziness in the finish.  There are notes of black cherry juice, light apple cider vinegar, green apple, port wine, light dark chocolate, soft caramel, and a hint of bourbon.
  • Mouthfeel: Medium-bodied and well carbonated, the mouthfeel of the Sang Noir is with a dry, slightly tart and slightly sweet finish.

Overall pairing: In the complex, earthy, and fruity aromas/flavors of the Cascade Sang Noir 2016 there are fantastically unique and bold characteristics, making it the perfect brew for the wonderfully enchanting and imaginative melodies of "Back From The Edge" by MindMaze!  The wild yeast notes go great with Jeff's guitars while the meatier, bolder, and maltier notes are great with Sarah's vocals and the powerful rhythm section!

Cheers!!  Hails!!

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