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April 4th, 2020 - Dreaming His Dream: An Interview With Mauro Cordeiro Of LeatherJacks!

Hey rockers!  The Meista here... Much of the world is on lock-down, but that doesn't mean I'm not able to bring you great interviews with amazing musicians!  I recently conducted an e-mail interview with multi-talented, multi-instrumental Mauro Cordeiro of Brazilian hard rock AOR band LeatherJacks!  Check it out!

1.   Leatherjacks has a brand-new album, “Extremely Dangerous” being released.  The two tracks I’ve heard (“Dejacked” and the title track) totally rock in a very 1980s Whitesnake kind of way.  What can you tell us about the album? 

       It´s such a pleasure to share this release with you and Brews and Tunes readers and followers! "Extremely Dangerous" is a very special work to me ´cause it´s a total synthesis of how I see the world, life, people, etc. All the concepts of the album are about dangerous stories, either mine, or scifi, or real things to reflect while you listen to the album.

.    For those that don’t know, you play ever instrument on the album, you wrote all the songs, and you do all the production.  That gives you a lot of freedom, but I would imagine it can be somewhat of a lonely process.  Have you considered enlisting other band members?

      Absolutely! It´s an extremely (dangerous ahaha) lonely process, and I should say it´s even exhausting and sad, much tough. But the rewards start appearing when you see the instruments rising, the song emerging, getting born, you know? This is priceless, lifetime opportunity that you can get. But for sure I miss musicians, and it´s the type of experience I´ll follow for the next albums, but only in production and mixing, to take the sound I always search in my mind. But for sure I want musicians to write with me, to have a band, to help each other with ideas, etc. I only made the first and second albums all by myself, because of lack of money, resources (studios are extremely expensive), and because the lack of people who wants to dream your dream. So I always say it: If people don´t wanna follow your dreams and help you, maybe they screw you... So you must do it yourself (fortunately or unfortunately haha). That´s my disclaimer/advice! DANGEROUS hahah!!

3.    What is your favorite track on the new album?

        I love the title track! I think it´s the mix of all my musical influences in only one song!
        But I´d say "Songs For The Strangest Ones" also Rocks!

4.    When did you first start playing guitar?  What got you into music originally?

      I started when I was 9 to 10, between 1995 and 1996. Iron Maiden´s Adrian Smith inspired me to play, and the guitarist Bento Hinoto, from a very famous Brazilian rock parody band called Mamonas Assassinas (all the members tragically died in a plane accident, in March 1996... It was so sad... Brazil stopped).  But I still believe that that song "Eye Of The Tiger" from Survivor was the tune that really took me into Music and Rock Music... I listen to this song since I was 4, 5 years old, from an old LP my mom had. A soundtrack collection... Awesome one!

5.    Who are your biggest influences as a guitarist?

      Adrian Smith. A real talent, a true awesome musician... His musicality, for me, trespass the boundaries of feeling, and a ripping guitar. In my opinion, the most technical and precise of Maiden´s guitarists. His contribution to the band is HUGE. But I love Ritchie Blackmore, Doug Aldrich, Rafael Bittencourt (from Angra, the founder), Toni Iommi, Jimmy Page (bluesy man), Andy Timmons, Hendrix (surreal), Eric Clapton, James Hetfield (His down picking is from out of this Earth hahaha).

6.    Who are your biggest influences as a vocalist?

      Ronnie James Dio (top of my list!), Bruce Dickinson, Steve Lee (Gotthard), David Coverdale, Clapton, Sting, Steve Perry... So many great voices... Noora Louhimo (Battle Beast), Lzzy Hale (Halestorm) thunder women, they inspire me so much too!

7.    Who are your biggest influences as a songwriter?

      I love the way Dio writes metaphors, poetry, I love metaphors and irony. Lyrics that makes you think and then you can give your own understanding from the song, you know? I also love the way how Coverdale writes about love. I think there´s a lot of mix, influences, and then you shake it all and then you have a vitamin haha!

8.    What musicians/bands are currently on your radar? Who do you listen to on your downtime?

       I love to listen to Battle Beast, Halestorm, Dynazty, Burning Witches, H.e.a.t, Crazy Lixx, Sabaton, so many others...

9.    What gear do you use in the studio?  When playing live?

      A Waldmann GHO 141 Prince Stripe guitar, Fender Squier California Series, a HeadPhone Philips SM1900/00, an M-Audio Mobile Pre Interface, and good hearing =)

10.  What is your favorite Leatherjacks song to play live?

       Crocodile´s Heart and Burning Wire are AWESOME!

11.  What does the future hold for you and Leatherjacks both short term and long term?  What do you see happening next?

      I hope I can have a record deal, and more people to help me and may we do lots of gigs, travel the world, overcome this damn virus...

12.  As you know, my blog Brews and Tunes pairs craft beer with metal and hard rock.  So you come home from a show or a long day at the recording studio… what craft beer do you grab and what album do you spin to help decompress?

      I grab an Eisenbahn American IPA. The perfect match to Rock, Attitude, and a great meal or lunch! And IPA is always Perfect to listen with Rock/Metal! =)

Make sure to check out LeatherJacks' brand new album "Extremely Dangerous" out April 10th!!

Saúde!!  Rock on!!

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