Friday, July 24, 2020

July 24th, 2020 - A Little Double Dry Hopped Tastiness For XXV Years Of Brutality!

Hey there evildoers, headbangers, and craft brew lovers!  Happy Friday!!  The Meista here today getting the weekend off to the right start with a pairing of the kick-ass compilation album "XXV"  by death metal legends Incantation and a very tasty Fisher IPA from Fisher Brewing Company!  Hell yeah!

Album Info:
  • Artist: Incantation
  • Title: "XXV"
  • Recorded: Studio tracks at The Incantation Recording Compound; live tracks at Peabody's in Cleveland, Ohio and at Secret Place in Montpellier, France
  • Release date: April 2nd, 2016 (1st official compilation album by Incantation)
  • Record company: Independent 
  • Production: Incantation
  • Album cover art: Thorncross (aka Christophe Moyen)
  • Personnel: Alex Bouks (guitars), Sonny Lombardozzi (guitars), John McEntee (guitars and vocals), Kyle Severn (drums), and Chuck Sherwood (bass)
  • Musical style: Death metal
  • Sound: This is in-your-face, no-holds-barred, face-melting death metal perfection my friends!  It is incredibly heavy, incredibly aggressive, and infernally brilliant!  
  • Major themes: With lyrics that are short and too the point, yet poignant and powerful, themes on the album include death, evil, darkness, anti-religion, blasphemy, the occult, destruction, etc.
  • Note: "XXV" was released to celebrate 25 years of Incantation.
    • Tracks:  
        1. "Obelisk Reflection"
        2. "Nefarious Warriors"
        3. "Unholy Massacre"
        4. "Profanation"
        5. "Impending Diabolical Conquest" (live)
        6. "Anoint The Chosen" (live)
        7. "From Hollow Sands" (live)
        8. "Iconoclasm of Catholicism"

          Brew Info:
      • Brewery: Fisher Brewing Company (Salt Lake City, Utah)
      • Website: 
      • Brew: Fisher IPA
      • Style: Double Dry Hopped Hazy India Pale Ale (IPA)
      • Serving: 32 ounce crowler can
      • ABV: 6.6% 
      • Ingredients: Citra and Mosaic hops
      • Pour: The Fisher IPA pours a very murky caramel-amber with frothy and billowy, 2-finger white head with great retention and lots of sticky, intricate lacing.
      • Nose: The nose is citrusy, fruity, floral, herbal, and slightly sweet.  There are aromas of grapefruit rind, orange zest, tangerine, mango, peach, pineapple, wild flowers, a hint of pine resin, a hint of onion, crackery grains, and soft caramel.
      • Taste: The taste of the Fisher IPA follows the nose with big notes of orange juice, pink grapefruit juice, tangerine, pineapple, mango, a hint of pine, white pepper, and toffee/caramel.
      • Mouthfeel: Medium to full-bodied and moderately carbonated, the mouthfeel of the Fisher IPA is very crisp, yet smooth with a dry, slightly bitter finish.

      Overall pairing: The Fisher IPA is very crushable, yet a very punchy, complex, and flavorful brew ... a perfect brew to accompany the death metal onslaught that is the mighty Incantation!  'Nuff said!  

      Cheers and hails headbangers!!  Keep it craft and keep it heavy!

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