Wednesday, August 18, 2021

August 18th, 2021 - A Lingonberry Berliner Weisse Once Only Imagined


Good evening metal heads and hop heads!  Your drinking buddy the Meista here with tonight pairing "Once Only Imagined", the debut album by Canadian extreme metal band The Agonist and a tasty and tart Berliner Style Weisse with Lingonberry from T.F. Brewing Company!  Hell yes!!

Album Info:

  • Artist: The Agonist
  • Title: "Once Only Imagined"
  • Recorded: 2005 through 2006 at Studio Garage in Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  • Release date: July 20th, 2007 (1st full-length studio album by The Agonist)
  • Record company: Century Media Records
  • Production: Christian Donaldson
  • Album cover art: Natalie Shau
  • Personnel: Chris Kells (bass and backing vocals), Danny Marino (guitars), and Alissa White-Gluz (lead vocals)
  • Additional musicians: Christian Donaldson (vocals on "Business Suits And Combat Boots") and Derek Nadon (drums)
  • Musical style: Extreme metal, metalcore, death metal with elements of symphonic metal
  • Sound: Wonderfully emotional, honest, chaotic, aggressive, unique, the sound on The Agonist's "Once Only Imagined" is, in a word, intense!  Every note, every riff, every intention is brutally honest and mesmerizing!  The guitar work of Marino is , Kells' bass work is a thunderous and passionate assault, and Alissa's vocal performance is mind-blowingly intense, unique, and powerful!
  • Major themes: Pain, life, death, suffering, isolation, knowledge, power, greed, aggression, anger, racism, etc.
  • Tracks:   
  1. "Synopsis"
  2. "Rise And Fall"
  3. "Born Dead, Buried Alive"
  4. "Take A Bow"
  5. "Trophy Kill"
  6. "Business Suits and Combat Boots"
  7. "Serendipity"
  8. "Memento Mori"
  9. "Void Of Sympathy"
  10. "Chiaroscuro"
  11. "Forget Tomorrow"

Brew Info:

  • Brewery: T.F. Brewing Company (Salt Lake City, Utah)
  • Website 
  • Brew: Berliner Style Weisse with Lingonberry
  • Style: German Berliner Weisse
  • Serving: 16 ounce can
  • ABV: 4.2% 
  • Pour: The Berliner Style Weisse with Lingonberry pours a hazy, bright pinkish orange-gold with a thin, bubbly, bright white head that dissipates quickly and leaves virtually no lacing.
  • Nose: The nose is very fruity, tart, and sweet.  There are big aromas of lingonberries, freshly picked raspberries with more subtle aromas of lemons, limes, tart cherry, mint, light wheat, and honey.
  • Taste: The taste of the Berliner Style Weisse with Lingonberry follows the nose with lots of sweet and sour fruit flavors.  There are notes of fresh lingonberries, cranberries, lime juice, lemon juice, tart cherry juice, light mint, a hint of red wine vinegar, light biscuit, and sweet clover honey.
  • Mouthfeel: Light-bodied and well-carbonated, the mouthfeel is very crisp, tart, and juicy with a slightly sweet, yet clean finish.

Overall pairing: The T.F. Brewing 
Berliner Style Weisse with Lingonberry is bright, refreshing, fruity, and tart brew... a great drinking companion and foil to the intense and bombastic complexities is perfect for the extreme metal intensity and artistic integrity of The Agonist!  'Nuff said!

Cheers and hails!!

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