Thursday, April 6, 2023

April 6th, 2023 - "The Metal Chameleon": An Interview With Metal Vocalist Norman Skinner


Hey there rockers, rollers, and headbangers!  Your heavy metal beer drinking pal the Meista here today with another great interview for you!  This one is with Norman Skinner, the wonderfully talented vocalist of Skinner, Niviane, Hellscream, Imagika, etc.!  We chatted about his new album, "The Dark Design", his current projects, his rich history as a musician, and much more!  Here's a link to that video interview

Enjoy!!  (I had some internet connectivity issues, so there's a couple of spots that are a little wonky, but a great interview nonetheless!)

Check out Skinner here:

Check out Niviane here: 

Check out Hellscream here: 
And check out Imagika here: 


*Photo of Norman by Bill Towner
**Special thanks to Benjamin Niebla II of Online Metal Promo PR for setting up this interview, to Jamie Winters for designing the Brews and Tunes logoJerry Howard for creating the Brews and Tunes intro video and to DiseNgaged for the use of their song "The Real Me" (copyright 2020) 

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