Saturday, August 18, 2012

August 18th, 2012 - My Scrapbook of Fatal Sweetgrass

The Meista is going all "post-punk/math rock/alternative rock" and American Pale Ale on you tonight!  How about some Jawbox and some APA?  How about Jawbox's "My Scrapbook of Fatal Accidents" and Grand Teton Brewing Company's Sweetgrass APA?  Yeah, that's right - a hoppy fusion of beer and post-punk loveliness!!

A couple of years after "post-punk" geniuses, Jawbox broke up, they released "My Scrapbook of Fatal Accidents," an album of alternative versions, live tracks, covers, and b-sides.  They put the album together as a last thank you to their fans and supporters... essentially a closure album.  Some of it is a bit rough and bumpy, but the album stands as a wonderful overview of who the band was throughout their nearly 10-year stint as one of the great bands (along with the likes of Fugazi, Slint, Dinosaur Jr., and Bad Religion) that came out of the so-called alternative rock/post punk of the '90s.  I had the great privilege of seeing Jawbox on a hot July night at the now defunct Bar and Grill in Salt Lake City way back in 1996.  As with this fine album, simply put... they killed!!  What I have always loved (absolutely and completely) about this band is their perfect delivery, mesmerizing repetition, interesting chord changes, intelligent lyrics, and bass driven sound... and there is no shortage on "My Scrapbook of Fatal Accidents."  Songs like "Static," "Chinese Fork Tie," "Under Glass," "Dreamless," and "Mirrorful" (to name a few) are perfect gems of pop/punk delivery.  The songs are fast, the sound is complex, and completely satisfying.  I think the live song "Won't Come Off" really shows how incredibly talented this band was... and sadly how overlooked they were during those awful years of grunge clones and overproduced pop drudge.  Their covers of jazz standard, "I've Got You Under My Skin" and of the Cure's "Meathook" are great examples of how diverse and how fun this band really was as well.

Straight out of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Grand Teton Brewing Company's Sweetgrass American Pale Ale (APA) is a wonderfully hoppy, bottle-conditioned pale with complex and sharp flavors.  Red-peachy amber in color and with a nice 1-finger head, the Sweetgrass is the perfect summer beer for a poppy, punky band like Jawbox.  Not as hoppy as a traditional American IPA, the Sweetgrass stills comes in at 60 IBUs.  The flavor is grassy, bitter, and slightly tangy.  There are notes of pine, citrus, and as the name denotes, sweet, sweet grass.  It goes down smooth with just enought bite from the 6% ABV and finish is nice and clean.  This, my friends, is a wonderful beer - well-balanced, complex, but very dry and refreshing!

Check out Sweetgrass APA (along with their other wonderful beers) at and due yourself a big favor and check out the band Jawbox... I think you will like what you hear and taste!  Cheers!!

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