Friday, August 24, 2012

August 24th, 2012 - Nice Boys Don't Drink IPA!

Evening folks!  Tonight yer pal, the old Meista is pairing Rose Tattoo's 1978 self-titled album and New Belgium Brewing Company's Ranger India Pale Ale.  And what's this?  Is that vinyl?  Your damn right it is!!
If you are not familiar with Rose Tattoo, they are a hard rocking band from Australia in the vein of early AC/DC.  Guns N' Roses coverd their song "Nice Boys" (from this album) back in the late '80s on "G N' R Lies".  Their debut, self-titled album was released in November of 1978 and was produced by the famous team of  Vanda and Young, who also produced early AC/DC.  I found this gem many, many, many years ago at an the old Record Collector in Salt Lake City... probably only paid a few bucks back then.  But enough about all that ancient history... the important thing here is that this will kick your ass, peel the paint off your walls, and run away with your girl all in one night, and you know what?  You'll like it!  This is gritty, in-your-goddamn-face rock and roll with mean-ass slide guitars, foot-stompin' drums and bass, and of course, the wonderfully gruff and mean vox of Angry Anderson (who you may recognize from "Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome"... he's the short, bald villian with the Japanese mask strapped to his back.)  Every song on here is a rawdy good time... bar music at its best!  "Rock 'N" Roll Outlaw," "Nice Boys," (one of my all-time favorite rockers!) "Remedy," "T.V.," and "Tramp" are perfect, old-school hard rock numbers and really should lay the ground-work for any and all garage bands out there trying to kick it!

New Belgium Brewing Company's Ranger India Pale Ale is a bold, in-your-goddamn-face IPA with lots of bite!  This well-balanced, full-bodied and crisp IPA with Simcoe, Cascade and Chinook hops, coming in at 70 IBUs!   I know it isn't easy to tell from the photos, but that's a 12 ounce can bitches... coming in at 6.5% ABV so this is no light-ass beer!  This is a beer you pair with Rose Tattoo, thrash about, and get into a bar brawl with!!... well, maybe not a brawl, but between the beer and brew, someone's ass is gonna get kicked... and it appears to be mine this evening!  :)

If you are an AC/DC fan (or just a fan of fist-pumping rock and roll), find some Rose Tattoo... this is good ol' drinking music and pairs wonderfully with a strong and tasty IPA like the Ranger!!  Cheers!!

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