Saturday, August 4, 2012

August 4th, 2012 - The Viennese Reentry

Some local color (Utah) for you today from the Meista!  Today I am pairing Bohemian Brewery's Viennese Lager and local metal heroes, Aerial and their album, "Reentry."

In the vein of Motley Crue, L.A. Guns, and Ratt, Aerial is pure, unadultarated, '80s -style, rocking metal goodness!  Their music is upbeat, fist-pumping fun with great hooks and solid song structure and solid musicianship.  Along with Truce, Aerial is probably the longest standing metal band in Utah and there is a good reason for that... they are high-energy, highly entertaining, and you can tell that front-man/band leader and founding member,  Mike Hernandez absolutely loves what he does... and it shows!  Songs like opener, "Crazy Over You," "Cuz I Know," "Out Of Control," and the wonderful rock anthem, "Hot Summer Nights" are great, straight-ahead rockers, as good (if not better) than any tunes from the "big guys" of this genre.  There are also some really beautiful, more mellow guitar moments with "Violets" and "Is It Over."  "Reentry" ends with the very catchy and heartfelt rocking ballad, "In Time" with some really wonderful guitar work here as well.  And if you live here in Utah, make sure you check these guys out live... incredibly fun, high-energy shows!!

I paired "Reentry" with the Viennese Lager for several, simple reasons: they are both solid, tasty, rockers with great body and just enough bite to keep you wanting more.   As Aerial is a staple metal band on the local Salt Lake scene, the Viennese is a staple brew in my house!  A full-bodied lager, the Viennese is a result of combining a Pilsner with dark-roasted malts.  It pours a reddish amber with caramel and honey hues.  The nose is malty and somewhat sharp with notes of sourdough, grass, and floral sweetness.  Still very smooth, this brew is slightly more hoppy than Bohemian's other lagers.  Although full-bodied, it is crisp and refreshing, and it goes down easy and has clean finish... m-m-m... good stuff!

If you love '80s metal, "hair metal," and good, old-fashioned rocking, check out Aerial at!  And check out Bohemian Brewery at!/bohemianbrewery or

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