Sunday, August 5, 2012

August 5th 2012 - Frames Of Moretti

The Meista here again true beer and metal believers! Seeing that today is International Beer Day and all, I thought I would go with something... well, international. I thought we'd go with something Italian, both musically and ale-wise... so I'm going with up-and-coming thrashers, MadMaze and their 2012 album, "Frames of Alienation" and Birra Moretti Premium Lager (brewed and bottled by Heineken Italia - and poured today in a frosted glass no less!) According to Hard Rocker Magazine, MadMaze is "the ultimate Italian Bay Area thrash band!" I couldn't agree more! Oh, and this pairing goes out to my buddy, Vlad Nowajczyk, Editor-In Chief of Hard Rocker Magazine... thanks for turning me on to this great band Vlad!! Check out his magazine, Hard Rocker at!

Birra Moretti Premium Lager is a very refreshing, light, European lager with a nice, hoppy nose (especially for a lager). It pours a transparent, light wheat color with a 1-finger head that quickly dissipates and leaves a thin, but nice lacing. The Birra Moretti has a great, sharp and crisp flavor.

Equally refreshing, is thrash metal band MadMaze from Modena, Emilia-Romagna, Italy. They bring a fresh approach to thrash while still giving a strong nod to the American thrash pioneers. I'm reminded of Anthrax (just listen to "Caught In The Net" and "MK-Ultra"), Overkill, and Exodus, but there is an element of progressive death metal guitar work to their approach including cool tempo and signature changes. I am really digging these guys! Tracks like "Wall Of Lies," "Sacred Deceit," "Mad Maze," and "Lord of All That Remains" are fierce, challenging, and thoughtfully laid out. Alberto Dettori seems to channel the approach of Joey Belladonna of Anthrax and captures a touch of the brutality of death metal vocalist, Mikael Akerfeldt from Opeth/Bloodbath/Storm Corrosion (check out "Cursed Dreams"). And all the while guitarists Alberto Baroni and Luca Venturelli just completely TEAR - IT - UP with crispness and precision from the opening note of "Wall Of Lies" until the flamenco-inspired final notes of the phenomenal "Retribution"! There's even a bit of jazzy guitar work on the instrumental track, "Beyond." And Andrea "Kase" Casari (bass) and Mirko Virdis (drums) are SPOT ON with the intensity and drive of a classic thrash metal rhythm section as well! I only hope this band makes it to the States in the not-too-distant future... I MUST see them live!!

If you love thrash metal, do yourself a HUGE favor and check out MadMaze:!/madmazethrash!!

Cheers!! \m/ \m/

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