Sunday, December 16, 2012

December 16th, 2012 - Electric Piraat... or "She Used My Head Like A Revolver"

Friends, countrymen, drinkers, and rockers... the Meista here with another lovely little pairing for you!  This one finds me throwing back a Piraat Ale from Brouwerij Van Steenberge, whilst grooving to the brilliance that is T. Rex and their (well listened to) 1971 album, "Electric Warrior."  I've been wanting to pair this AMAZING album for some time now, but couldn't quite find the right beer... until now!

The genius and influence of frontman, guitarist, singer/songwriter, Marc Bolan reaches far and deep!  His band T. Rex  is and always will be the quintessential glam rock band.  Released the same year yours truly was born, "Electric Warrior" is the sixth album by the band (being the second album under the name T. Rex.  The first five albums were released under the name Tyrannosaurus Rex.)  With "Electric Warrior," Bolan and friends (Mickey Finn, Steve Currie, and Bill Legend - sadly, the only still living member of the 197 line-up) transcended their folk roots to create an electric monster of an album.  Combining themes and motifs of fantasy, love, sexuality, spirituality, and psychedelia, "Electric Warrior" is the post-hippie/traditional rock, proto-punk/metal/alternative/glam/funk sound of English rock in the early 1970s.  I hear the influence of T. Rex in almost everything I listen to... from David Bowie and Roxy Music; to Humble Pie and Cheap Trick; to Bauhaus and Sonic Youth; to Led Zeppelin and W.A.S.P.  Bolan's songwriting is profound and childishly innocent at the same time.  Oh how I adore this album!  Where to being with the songs?  So many amazing moments... from opening track "Mambo Sun" to the final notes of "Rip Off," this album is mesmerizing.  Shit, every song is a gem!  "Cosmic Dancer," "Jeepster," "Monolith," "Lean Woman Blues," "Planet Queen," "Girl," "Life's A Gas"... all fucking brilliant!!  Of course the big hit (probably the biggest for the band) from the album is "Bang A Gong (Get It On)," which is just a kick-ass, classic rocker!  In a 1971 interview, Bolan had this to say about the album, "I think Electric Warrior, for me, is the first album which is a statement of 1971 for us in England. I mean that's... if anyone ever wanted to know why we were big in the other part of the world, that album says it, for me."

Like "Electric Warrior," the Piraat Ale is a very sexy and "robustly bitter strong" Belgian pale ale.  So very distinctive, the Piraat combines the ester and yeast elements of a Belgian and the spicy elements of an English IPA.  The nose is rather mellow with slight notes of lemon, malt, and hops. There is almost something metallic hidden in the aroma as well.  It pours a beautiful light-copper amber with a very thick, white, and frothy head that has nice, sustained lacing.  The body is light to medium with a smooth and lightly effervescent mouthfeel.  The flavor is rather mellow, which is a bit dangerous with the 10.5% ABV.  There are notes of doughy bread, citrus, pear, and a really nice peppery finish.  I paired this beer with "Electric Warrior" simply because like the album, it screams for attention and is profoundly original, sexy, and wonderful.

Check out the Piraat and the other great ales from Brouwerij Van Steenberge at  And if you don't own a copy of "Electric Warrior," I weep for you!  :)  Go buy it... NOW!!

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