Saturday, January 21, 2012

January 21st, 2012 (evening) - Welcome To the Groove Machine!

Since it is cold and snowy here in Salt Lake, I thought we'd go with a heavy groove tonight, both in tunes and in brew... Snake River Brewery's Zonker Stout and King's X and their "Live Love In London," a double-cd and DVD (an X-mass gift from my brother...thanks bro!!)

Zonker pours deep black with a thick, velvety, creamy head that most definitely has staying power (really, really good retention, lace, and frothiness!)  The nose is subtle at first (due to the thick head), but you can smell the chocolatey malts and rich, coffee aroma as the head disopates.  Really rich flavor - earthy and woodsy with a mocha finish.  You can really taste the roasted barley character.  The chocolate, black, and caramel malts have a slight smokiness to them, but it does not linger and gives way to the big stout flavor.  Mouthfeel is creamy with a perfect balance of carbonation that goes down smooth, leaving you wanting more and more! 

I think Zonker really fits in well with "Live Love In London" for the depth of performance, execution, and overall sensory overload (in a good way!)  Both the DVD/CD and the stout demmand attention with their power and intensity, but also are comforting, like a midnight conversation with a good friend.  Pulling new material and old-time favorites from their nearly 30 year career, King's X bombards you with heaviness, beauty and depth from the opening note of "Groove Machine" to the final of "Moanjam."  Doug Pinnick brings a heavy funk through his soulful voice and bass, while Ty Tabor electrifies the air with his screaming vibrato, while Jerry Gaskill hammers away at the kit with a Beatles-esque, pop sensibilty... (I may be reaching here) but all qualities of the Zonker Stout!

So pour yourself and a tall glass of Zonker, kick back, and let the King's X First Church of Music give you the heavy, heavy gospel!

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