Sunday, January 22, 2012

January 22nd, 2012 - Hello And Hooray For California Pale Ale!

"Hello Hooray!" The opening line and opening track to Alice Cooper's 1973 album "Billion Dollar Babies" (Deluxe Edition)... and a very fitting line for both the album and today's beer, Acme California Pale Ale! 

Acme California Pale Ale is a light and refreshing "classically-styled" pale brewed and bottled by North Coast Brewing Co. in Fort Bragg, California.  Acme California Pale is brewed with Yakima Valley hops and American and British malts.  It is a fairly clean tasting brew with a sweet, but mellow maltiness.  It pours light amber in color, golden rod with bit of copper and some cloudiness into a pint glass, giving a 1 to a 1 and 1/2 finger head with lower retention and minimal laciness ("hello!").  It has a sweetness to the "bready" (maybe sourdough?) malts and finishes clean... very drinkable and light ("hooray!")

This is a great beer (in taste and in the bottle label) for the whimsical, "classically-styled," hard rock of the Coop's "Billion Dollar Babies" (Deluxe Edition - with full-length live/outtakes bonus disc).  "Unfinished Sweet" is a perfect compliment to the slightly sweet flavor of the pale as the humor of "Billion Dollar Baby" (with Donovan duetting with the Coop!), "No More Mister Nice Guy," "Sick Things"   "Mary Ann," and the disturbingly funny, "I Love The Dead" compliment the lightness and easy-going notes of  Acme California Pale Ale.  Glen Buxton's fantastic accoustic and electric guitar work accompanied by the always wonderful and snappy drumming of Neal Smith on "Generation Landslide" and the rockin' anthem "Elected" are just so very perfect with the Coop's word-play and the pale ale's finesse!

The only problem... the beer is so drinkable, I finished it long before I was able to get to the bonus disc!  :)

Learn more about this lovely beer and all of North Coast Brewing Co.'s brews at

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