Sunday, January 22, 2012

January 22nd, 2012 - Deschuting It Big!

Another one for you today boys and girls... and we are gonna "do it big"!!  Yes, we are going with a beer and a band from the rainy Northwest... Deschutes Brewery's Inversion IPA and "Harder" by the band Kleveland.

Both the beer and the album open with big, crunching power!  Kleveland's "Do It Big" hits you right between the eyes with Stephanie Smith's killer lead guitar and sultry, but powerful voice... as does Inversion's aromatic, skunky/hoppy nose and darker, hazy copper hue... BANG!  And it doesn't stop there!  Kleveland moves into "Crutch," "Harder," and "You're Not Sorry" without apology as the big-bodied (6.8%), citrus and herbal flavors of Inversion tantilize your taste buds.  What I love about this beer is the continuous interplay of flavor and nose... it is very satisfying for an IPA lover like myself.  It has low carbonation, but a good, clean biting bitterness.  It has a thin head, but displays strong lacing throughout as well.  Inversion is brewed with multi-hop goodness along with crystal and Carastan malts.

And did I mention how sexy both album (and not just the cover art) and brew are for an afternoon of drinkin' and rockin'?  Both are straight-ahead rockers... both big, bold, a little bit raunchy, and glorious!

Make sure you check out Deschutes (courageously crafted since 1988) at and Kleveland at


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