Friday, March 2, 2012

March 2nd, 2012 - Coming Through with Pale Ale!

Hello!  I thought I would try a slightly different direction tonight.  I'm pairing keyboardist, Ryo Okumoto's 2002 album "Coming Through" with Snake River Brewing World Beer Cup and American Beer Festival award winning Pale Ale.

Snake River brews a classic American Pale with their Pale Ale.  It is a beautiful, golden amber ale with a very nice, fresh, hoppy and citrusy nose.  With the use of Idaho-grown malts and the always flavorful and "skunky" Cascade hops, Snake River's Pale Ale has great, crisp flavor with a smooth finish.  This is an incredibly refreshing and flavorful pale... perfect for a little jazzy, rocking neo-prog!

Japanese keyboardist Ryo Okumoto is the keyboardist for neo-prog outfit Spock's Beard.  Combining jazz, neo-prog and good old-fashioned hard rock, Okumoto's "Coming Through" is a great listen for fans of various styles of music.  Okumoto's song writing and playing is strong ("Highway Roller"), beautiful ("Coming Through"), crisp ("Godzilla vs. King Ghidarah") and finishes smooth and ethereal ("The Imperial").  With guest musicians, Dave Carpenter (bass), Dave Meros (bass),  Nick D'Virgilio (drums & vocals), Glenn Hughes (vocals), Bobby Kimball (vocals), Neal Morse (vocals), and Steve Lukather (guitar) among many others, Ryo Okumoto presents a cohesive, flavorful album with wonderful layers of diverse styles. With his use of Hammond organ, Moog, funk-synth, and upright piano, Okumoto channels great rock keyboardists like Wakeman Emerson, Lord, and Airey with touches of bebop and classical pianists.  This is a must have for any fan of progressive rock (Yes, Gentle Giant), jazz (Monk), and classic rock (Deep Purple).

And speaking of classic... check out Snake River Brewing at!

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