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September 15th, 2012 - Seven Deadly Shades Of 4-Play

The Meista here with another pairing for you today...

So I walk into my favorite record store (The Heavy Metal Shop in Salt Lake City, UT) a few weeks ago with cash in hand, knowing that I want something rocking, but not exactly sure what to get.  Having similar music taste, my buddy Kevin Kirk, sole-proprietor and hard-rock aficionado extraordinaire asks me if I have heard the latest UFO album.   "UFO has a new album?"  I had no idea they were even still together!  Well, I didn't buy it that day... I ended up getting an Iron Maiden album instead.  But I've always loved UFO and I couldn't stop thinking about wanting to hear it.  So I went back a week later and nabbed it... and damnit, I'm so glad I did!

"Seven Deadly" sounds like vintage UFO, but with a fresh and progressive feel.  A little more "mellow" and bluesy than early UFO, "Seven Deadly" is still a rocking good time.  Phil Mogg's unique, soulful, and wonderful voice sounds as good if not better than it did 40 years ago!  Along with the great musicianship of the band, Mogg has always been what has drawn me to UFO.  Although not as charismatic and emotional as Michael Schenker's playing, Vinnie Moore (who replaced Schenker in 2004 or so) is a fine replacement - he shreds like a son of a bitch, has great tone, and lays down some very nice, foot stomping blues as well.  Newcomer Lars Lehmann's bass and Andy Parker's drums are solid and driving and old-time member Paul Raymond's keyboard work is reminiscent of the work he did back in '77 on "Lights Out." And Raymond's rhythm guitar work is top-notch as well. 

All in all, the band is tight, heavy, and feels like a good, old-fashioned bar band.  Opener, "Fight Night" is classic UFO, rocking, rough, and straight-ahead mean and fast with plenty of cowbell too!  :)  There's a more bluesy and even twangy feel to this album then previous work.  Songs like "Year Of The Gun," "Steal Yourself," "Burn Your House Down," and "The Fear" could all be played in a southern honky-tonk as easily as they could an arena.  But there is definitely still that driving, hard-rock '70s UFO sound here too... "Wonderland," "The Last Stone Rider," and "Mojo Town" all simply kick ass!

So, what the hell do you pair UFO's "Seven Deadly" with anyway?  It has to be something "classic" and sexy, but with a good, hard bite too!  I decided to go with Shades of Pale Brewing Company's (out of Park City, UT) 4-Play Porter.  4-Play Porter is brewed with brown malts, which gives it a warm, caramel flavor.  The 4-Play Porter (sexy name, eh?) pours a deep, dark chocolate with a 1-finger, creamy head.  The nose is rich coffee.  Full-bodied and bold, the flavor is chocolaty, caramely, earthy and slightly sweet with a smoky bite, but it goes down smooth.

Oh, and today's pairing goes out to my buddies and fellow UFO fans, Kevin Kirk and Brad Barker - two guys that have kept heavy music alive in Salt Lake City for 30+ years!!  Cheers boys!!   

Make sure you check out the Heavy Metal Shop at and Shade of Pale Brewing Company at!

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