Friday, December 21, 2012

December 21st, 2012 - "I Like My Stupid Life Just The Way It Is"

"And now for something completely" and totally different... how 'bout some Oingo Boingo?  Yeah, I know... I'm a metal head, right?  But Boingo has some killer song structure, lyrics, and delivery!  I'm pairing Oingo Boingo's 1994 album "Boingo" with Utah Brewers Cooperative's Alta 75 Anniversary Ale.  This one goes out to my long-time friend and huge Oingo Boingo fan, Jim Armstrong.  Cheers and happy holidays buddy!!

"Boingo" is the seventh album in the Oingo Boingo repertoire.  Much darker and more guitar-driven than previous outings, "Boingo" was frontman, Danny Elfman's attempt at recreating/redirecting the band's sound, approach, and the band's lineup as well.  Sadly, it was not received well by fans and critics and would be their last album.  I personally think it is brilliant!   Dramatically different from earlier work, this album is far more brooding and introspective giving homage to later Beatles' albums in terms of sound and approach.  They actually do a really cool and rocking version of "I Am The Walrus."  Opening song, "Insanity" is a wonderfully composed and delivered track of... well, insanity!  :)  It is symphonic, beat-driven, and simply wonderful.  The lyrics are deep, well-thought out, and intelligent... favorite line: "a millions years of evolution... we get Danny Quail."  Haha!  "Hey!" could easily be a "White Album" Paul McCartney song as is "Mary."  The album "Boingo" simply rocks... just listen to "Pedestrian Wolves," "Lost Like This," "Spider," and "War Again."  The finale "Change" is reminiscent of Lennon's "A Day In The Life" in terms of structure, but not a copy... very original, very epic, very meaty.  And there are some really beautiful moments as well... "Mary" and "Can't See (Useless)." I almost hear a little Elvis Costello here as well.  All-in-all, "Boingo" is a wonderfully rich and honest album!

I paired this album with Alta 75 Anniversary Ale specifically to remind Jim of Utah's snowy mountains... since he resides in Hawaii now... bastard!  ;)  And it also pairs well with "Boingo" with its engaging, hoppy, and malty character... very poppy and sharp!  The Alta 75 is a commemorative beer for Utah's Alta Ski Resort's 75th anniversary.  It pours a beautiful, translucent copper-amber with a thin, but sustained head.  The nose is hoppy, bitter, and floral, like an IPA, but the flavor is more malty and nutty like a red with a good toffee sweetness and a flowery finish and a slight smokiness as well.  There's also a slight bitterness, but fairly mellow, which I think goes well with Oingo Boingo's sound and Elman's intent (lyrically.) 

Cheers and good night!!

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