Sunday, April 7, 2013

April 7th, 2013 - On Through the Dubhe!

How 'bout some sex, metal, and booze Def Leppard style??  I'm in the mood for some NWOBHM circa 1981... meaning Def Leppard's "High 'N' Dry," my favorite album from the boys from Sheffield.  I'm paring this with a Unita Brewing Company's Dubhe Imperial Black IPA... which goes out to all my stoner friends and also... and most especially to the very English, and very SEXY (with a capital "S-E-X-Y") women of Two Drunk Ladies (Check them out on facebook @!/TwoDrunkLadies?fref=ts)!! Cheer ladies!! (If I every get to England, you are mine!) ;)

Say what you will of later and current Def Leppard, "High 'N' Dry" is full-on, kick-ass, straight-ahead stoner English metal!!  This album is a monster of a rocker... every song on this album is pure, early metal goodness!  Nobody makes music like this anymore.  Joe Elliott's vocals and lyrics are perfection, the late Steve Clark's guitar work coupled by former guitarist Peter Willis is brilliant, and the two Ricks (Savage and Allen) provide the compelling and powerful rhythm work of drums and bass.  This is powerful shit my friends...from the opening notes of "Another Hit And Run" to the driven finale of "Me An My Wine," every track is metal perfection.  Every track is magic... powerful, honest, and entirely NWOBHM.  Just listen to "Lady Strange"... AMAZING!!!  And listen to "Mirror, Mirror (Look In My Eyes)... wow, and I mean fuckin' WOW!

Brewed with hemp seed, Uinta's Dubhe Imperial Black IPA is sheer brewing brilliance and one of my all-time favorite brews!  It pours an opaque, squid-ink black with a creamy, mocha head, which you would normally find on a stout.  This mocha head leaves a perfect, sustained, doily lacing that is sustained throughout the enjoyment of this brew.  Combining the bitter flavor of a bitter and hoppy IPA and the richness of an American Black Ale, the Dubhe is quite possibly the most perfect ale. The nose is a combination of hoppy bitterness and smooth, chocolately goodness... seriously!  The flavor is profound... complex, rich, and sweetly bitter like "Bringin' On The Heartbreak."  The mouthfeel is a combination of creamy chocolate milk and insanely bitter hops.  Genius I tell ya... fuckin' genius!  There are notes of bitter hemp, dark and sweet chocolate, earthy summer grass, and crisp spinach. 
Cheers and good booty to you!!

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