Friday, November 22, 2013

November 22nd, 2013 - In For The Celebratory Kill

Good evening!  The Meista here with another rocking pairing for ya... Kevin DuBrow's "In For The Kill" and a Sierra Nevada Celebration Fresh Hop Ale!  This pairing is dedicated to the memory of Mr. Kevin DuBrow, who passed away 6 years ago this week (November 19th).  This one is for you Kevin!

"In For The Kill" is the only solo album by Quiet Riot vocalist Kevin DuBrow recorded and was released in 2004.  It is a cover album, a collection of some of his favorite (and mine) 1960s and 70s rockers.  DuBrow employed guitarist Kevin Curry, Michael Lardie (guitars, harmonica, keyboards), bassist Gunter Nezhoda, and drummer Jeff Martin for the album and subsequent tour.  Along with the wonderful songs chosen by DuBrow and the great back-up band, the real highlight of the album is DuBrow's interpretation of said songs and his AMAZING vocal performance! This is a foot-stomping, head-banging, fist-shakin' good time! Here's the amazing track list:
  1. Burn on the Flame" (Sweet)
  2. "Good Rocking Tonight" (Roy Brown)
  3. "Black Sheep of the Family" (Fat Mattress/Rainbow)
  4. "Speed King" (Deep Purple)
  5. "Stay with Me" (Faces) 4:47
  6. "Red Light Mama, Red Hot!" (Humble Pie)
  7. "Gonna Have a Good Time" (The Easybeats)
  8. "Modern Times Rock 'n' Roll" (Queen)
  9. "Drivin' Sister" (Mott the Hoople)
  10. "20th Century Boy" (T. Rex)
  11. "Razamanaz" (Nazareth)
  12. "Rolling with My Baby" (Silverhead)
What better way to celebrate the life of the late Kevin DuBrow and hard rock in general than with a Sierra Nevada Celebration Fresh Hop Ale?  Damn straight!!  The Sierra Nevada Celebration Fresh Hop Ale is an American IPA and a special ale brewed for the holiday season.  Sierra Nevada uses whole-cone hops from the first batch of the growing season, meaning each year you get a slightly different flavor. It pours a very cloudy clove honey-amber with a half-finger, minimal retention head that leaves good lacing.  The nose is perfect balance of hoppy spice and sweet malts.  There are notes of pine resin, lemongrass, orange, baked bread, and mellow caramel.  The flavor is complex, robust and bold.  There are notes of fresh pine, orange peel, grapefruit, and more subtle toffee flavors. Crisp and refreshing and medium bodied, the mouthfeel dry and sharp.  The finish is very dry, very hoppy, very bitter, and oh so good! A perfectly hoppy and refreshing brew, the Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale is the perfect ale for the fast-paced rock and roll onslaught that is Kevin DuBrow's "In For The Kill"!!  Rest in peace Mr. DuBrow!!  Cheers!!

That's me with Kevin DuBrow in 2004!

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