Sunday, September 7, 2014

September 7th, 2014 - Come Taste The Saison!

Afternoon my friends!  The Meista here today pairing a Uinta Brewing Company Cahoots II Saison and Deep Purple's "Come Taste The Band"!

The Cahoots II Saison from Uinta Brewing Company follows the Belgian tradition.  It is a sturdy farmhouse ale with lots of tartness, earthy yeast, and fruity ester complexity.  Poured into my Uinta tulip glass, the color is a cloudy honey gold with a big, frothy head that dissipates fairly quickly leaving a white ring.  The nose is a lovely blend of big banana aromas along with sour, wheaty, and yeasty scents and spices (coriander, nutmeg, clove).  There's also some nice bubblegum phenols and a touch of apricot or peach.  The mouthfeel is sharp, tart, fizzy, and frothy.  There's also a dry and peppery bite in the back.  The taste is characterized by fruity, earthy, and sour notes.  Flavors of white wine, banana, subtle pink bubble gum, bready finish, and spices (coriander, nutmeg, clove, pepper) mingle in this tasty brew.  Coming in at only 6% ABV, the Cahoots II Saison is very drinkable and not as biting as many Saisons out there on the market today.  It is great to see more micro brews add Saisons to their menus, a style that was in danger of extinction only a few years back!

Released on October 5th, 1975, "Come Taste The Band" is the 10th studio album by English hard rockers Deep Purple.  It is the only album to feature the late Tommy Bolin on guitar, who replaced Ritchie Blackmore.  It is also the last album to feature Glenn Hughes on bass and vocals and David Coverdale on lead vocals.  Due to Bolin's and Hughes' increased drug abuse, the band would break up in 1976.   Personnel on the album: Jon Lord (keyboards, piano, and synthesizer), Ian Paice (drums and percussion), David Coverdale (lead vocals), Glenn Hughes (bass, vocals, lead vocals on "Gettin' Tighter" and "This Time Around" and co-lead vocals on "You Keep on Moving"), Tommy Bolin (guitars, backing vocals on "Comin' Home" and shared vocal duties on "Dealer", and bass guitar on "Comin' Home").  Combining funk and soul with their hard rock approach, with "Come Taste The Band", Deep Purple released a more radio friendly album, yet still rocked the hell out!  It is definitely too bad this incarnation of the band only released one album... but what an album it is!  Songs like "Comin' Home", "Lady Luck", "Gettin' Tighter", "Dealer", "I Need Love", and "You Keep On Moving" are richly textured, soulful rock and roll monsters full of depth, complexity, and brilliant musicianship!  "This Time Around / Owed to 'G'" highlights Hughes' vocal process and his love for Stevie Wonders. "Love Child" provides a powerfully heavy rock attitude and a hint of what's to come for Coverdale with Whitesnake.  In a word, "Come Taste The Band" is brilliant!!


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