Sunday, February 15, 2015

February 15th, 2015 - Fire (Boat) And Water

Hello friends!  Your pal the Meista is pairing a Fire Boat Amber Ale from Fire Station 5 Brewing Company and Free's "Fire And Water" for you today!

Album Info:
  • Artist: Free
  • Title: "Fire And Water"
  • Recorded: January through June 1970 at Trident Studios and Island Studios, London, England
  • Release date: June 26th, 1970 (3rd studio album by Free)
  • Record company: Island Records, A&M, Polydor
  • Personnel: Andy Fraser (bass guitar and piano), Simon Kirke (drums), the late, great Paul Kossoff (guitars), and Paul Rodgers (vocals)
  • Musical style: Heavy blues/rock with soul and R&B influence
  • Sound: The groove on this album is pure unadulterated rock and roll baby!
  • Major themes: Love, loss, loneliness, sex, prostitution, blues, and heartache.
  • Tracks:
  1. "Fire And Water"
  2. "Oh I Wept"
  3. "Remember"
  4. "Heavy Load"
  5. "Mr. Big"
  6. "Don't Say You Love Me"
  7. "All Right Now"
  Brew Info:
  • Brewery: Fire Station 5 Brewing Company
  • Website: n/a
  • Brew: Fire Boat Amber Ale
  • Style: American Amber Ale
  • Serving: 12 ounce bottle
  • ABV: 5.5%
  • Pour: The Fire Boat Amber Ale pours a cloudy orange-copper amber with a 1-finger off-white head that dissipates quickly
  • Nose: Fairly mellow aromas of malted barley, grains, caramel/toffee, and light fruit.  Subtle notes of biscuit, caramel, and apple and pear syrup.
  • Taste: The flavor is characterized by nutty and grainy malts, light fruit, and caramel.  There are notes of baked bread, biscuit, soft caramel and burnt toffee, and light fruit cup syrup with a hint of spices.
  • Mouthfeel: Light-bodied with moderate carbonation, the Fire Boat Amber Ale is very smooth.
Overall pairing: The classic rockin' heavy blues sound of Free goes great with the easy drinking, unfiltered heartiness of the Fire Boat Amber Ale!  'Nuff said!

Cheers... rock on!!

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