Monday, April 25, 2016

April 25th, 2016 - A Glimpse Into The Vernal Brewing Company

Good evening!  Your pal the Meista here with a special review of my new favorite brewery, the Vernal Brewing Company (VBC) in Vernal, Utah.  Wait, what... Vernal??  Yeah, that's right, Vernal!!  I had the great pleasure of touring the brewery, sampling their amazing brews, and hanging out with the incredibly knowledgable, incredibly friendly, and all-around kick-ass staff this past Friday! 

One of the newest and quickest growing breweries in Utah, the VBC was founded by owner Ginger Bowden with the goal of creating an exceptional food and craft beer experience in the Eastern Utah.  And that my friends she has done... and done well!! With a full range of beer styles and seasonals (like the wonderful Chocolate Raspberry Stout!) along with a fantastic menu, the VBC makes for the perfect afternoon/evening of hanging out with good folks and good beers! 

Their beers are available throughout Utah and they're getting into other state markets as well, but if you are in Utah or in one of the surrounding states, do yourself a YUUUGE favor and get your ass over to Vernal to hang out at this exceptionally well run, super friendly, and downright fun brewery... the VBC!!  It is only 3 short hours and a very scenic drive away from Salt Lake.  Check them out online at!  I'll be pairing more of their fantastic beers in the coming week(s) so make sure you check back here (often)! 


Thanks to Mark Watson and Skylor Alexander for answering my questions and showing me around!  Thanks for the Brendyn Houghton and the rest of the front house staff for the wonderful food and brews!  And a very special shout out to my buddy Mike The Janitor® for inviting me out and making my day freakin' awesome!!

Me and Mark Watson - Brew Master
Mike The Janitor® - General Nonsense, Packaging & Social Media and me

Me and Skylor Alexander - Beer Slave Extraordinaire 

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