Sunday, June 4, 2017

June 4th, 2017 - Citradamus' Predictions Of Coming Attractions

Hello and happy Sunday!  The Meista here today pairing a Citradamus IIPA from Melvin Brewing Company and "Coming Attractions", a compilation album by Adrian Belew!

Album Info:
  • Artist: Adrian Belew 
  • Title: "Coming Attractions"
  • Recorded: 198? through 1999
  • Release date: February 8th, 2000
  • Record company: Thirsty Ear Recordings
  • Production: Adrian Belew
  • Album cover art: Robert Ascroft
  • Personnel: Adrian Belew (acoustic, electric, and bass guitars, vocals, drums, percussion, keyboards, and various instruments)
  • Musical style: Rock, art rock, experimental rock, folk rock, blues rock
  • Sound: Experimental, richly textured, and very honest, the sound on "Coming Attractions" swings from heavy rockers to mellow acoustic pieces... all of which display Belew's mastery of the guitar, his strange and very honest song structures, and his overall artistic integrity.
  • Major themes: Life, death, time, human interaction, relationships, reality, passion, etc.
  • Notes: "Coming Attractions" is compilation of works in progress, previously unreleased live tunes, demos from King Crimson era work, rarities, etc.
  • Tracks:   
  1. "Inner Man"
  2. "Predator Feast"
  3. "117 Valley Drive"
  4. "Inner Revolution" (live in Buenos Aires 1997)
  5. "Time Waits" (live in Buenos Aires 1997)
  6. "I Know What I Know and That Is All I Know and I Know It"
  7. "People" (solo demo)
  8. "No Such Guitar"
  9. "Bird In A Box" (alternative version)
  10. "House Of Cards" (alternative version)
  11. "Man In The Moon, The" (alternative version)
  12. "Animal Kingdom"

Brew Info:
  • Brewery: Melvin Brewing Company (Alpine, Wyoming)
  • Website:
  • Brew: Citradamus IIPA                                      
  • Style: Imperial India Pale Ale (IIPA) / Double IPA (DIPA)   
  • Serving: 12 ounce can
  • ABV: 9.5%
  • Ingredients: Citra hops, pristine mountain water, and northwest malt
  • Pour: The Citradamus IIPA pours a hazy, deep bronze-amber with a frothy and bubbly 2-finger white head with great retention and lots of sticky, soapy lacing.
  • Nose: The nose is a blast of citrus, tropical fruit, dank pine, and sweet malt.  There are aromas of grapefruit rind and juice, orange peel, lime, mango, pine resin, and sweet caramel.
  • Taste: The taste follows the nose with lots of big citrus and tropical fruit notes followed by dank pine and a sweet malt backbone.  There are notes of pink grapefruit, tangerine, orange peel, lime and lemon zest, mango, pineapple, pine, black tea, and burnt toffee.
  • Mouthfeel: Medium to full-bodied with moderate carbonation, the mouthfeel is sticky, oily, and smooth with a dry, bitter finish.

Overall pairing: The Citradamus IIPA from Melvin Brewing Company is a delightful, delectable, and dangerous brew!  It is crisp and citrusy with a well-hidden boozy punch.  Wonderfully balanced, it fits perfectly as a Sunday companion to Adrian Belew's fascinating and artistic musicianship!  Those citrusy notes go well with the somewhat chaotic songs while the sweet malts are perfect for the more mellow acoustic numbers.


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