Saturday, December 15, 2018

December 15th, 2018 - The Fire Of The Mother Of Dragons Is Mine

Good evening and hails my metal and beer brethren!  Here's a pairing for all you Daenarys fans out there (specifically my son)!  The Meista here tonight channeling his nerdy, yet rockin' side with a pairing of "The Fire Is Mine" by power metal band Seven Kingdoms and a Mother Of Dragons from Brewery Ommegang!

Album Info:
  • Artist: Seven Kingdoms
  • Title: "The Fire Is Mine"
  • Recorded: 2012 at Morrisound Studios in Florida
    Release date: October 9th, 2012 (3rd studio album by Seven Kingdoms)
  • Record company: Nightmare Records
  • Production: Jim Morris
  • Album cover art: Caio Caldas
  • Personnel: Keith Byrd (drums), Kevin Byrd (guitars and backing vocals), Camden Cruz (guitars and backing vocals), Aaron Sluss (bass), and Sabrina Valentine (lead vocals)
  • Additional backing vocalists: Bryan Edwards, Chris Kinder, Jim Morris, Patrick Hoyt Paris, Matt Smith, Lindsay Vitola, and John Zambrotto
  • Musical style: Power metal, heavy metal
  • Sound: Steeped in classic American and European power metal, Seven Kingdoms' sound is fast, furious, melodic, and heavy-duty power metal goodness!  
  • Major themes: With the majority of the lyrical content heavily inspired by and specifically about characters and situations in the Game Of Thrones fantasy book series, themes on "The Fire Is Mine" include fantasy, mythology, sword and sorcery, dragons, life and death, good vs. evil, power, might, valor, deception, vengeance, war, violence, etc.
  • Tracks:  
  1. "Beyond The Wall"
  2. "After The Fall"
  3. "Forever Brave"
  4. "Flame Of Olympus"
  5. "Symphony Of Stars"
  6. "The Fire Is Mine"
  7. "Kardia"
  8. "Fragile Minds Collapse"
  9. "In The Twisted Twilight"
  10. "A Debt Paid In Steel"
  11. "The King In The North"

Brew Info:
  • Brewery: Brewery Ommegang (Cooperstown, New York)
  • Website:
  • Brew: Mother Of Dragons 
  • Style: Smoked Porter / Belgian Kriek
  • Serving: 25 ounce bottle
  • ABV: 6.5%
  • Pour: The Mother Of Dragons pours a deep, opaque ruby red / mahogany brown with 1+ finger, sustained, frothy, and firm light mocha head with soapy lacing.
  • Nose: The nose is characterized by tart, sweet, malty, and smoky notes.  There are aromas of chocolate covered cherries, plum, rich malt, cocoa, coffee, and light smoke.
  • Taste: The taste of the Mother Of Dragons follows the nose with lots of sweet, fruity, tart, smoky, and rich earthy flavors.  There are notes of tart cherry juice, lemon juice, plum, sweet and rich chocolate, light coffee, and caramel.
  • Mouthfeel: Medium to full-bodied with good carbonation, the mouthfeel of the Mother Of Dragons is frothy and smooth with a slightly tart and dry finish.

Overall pairing: The Ommegang Mother Of Dragons is a very unique, complex, yet drinkable brew... great for the power metal onslaught and subject matter of Seven Kingdom's "The Fire Is Mine"!  'Nuff said!

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