Saturday, May 22, 2021

May 22nd, 2021 - The Progenitor Of A New Paradigm: An Interview With Legendary Vocalist David Ingram Of Benediction!


Hey there hellions and headbangers!  Your heavy metal drinking buddy the Meista here with another killer interview for you!  I had the great pleasure of chatting with the incredibly talented, forthcoming, and very friendly David Ingram, vocalist of the legendary death metal band Benediction (among others)!  Hell yeah!  Here's a link to that video interview in its entirety, unedited and uncut:!


Make sure to check out Benediction at:

And check out David's podcast, Metal Breakfast Radio at:

Cheers and Hails!!   \m/  \m/

*Special thanks to John Thomas for setting up this interview, Jerry Howard for creating the Brews and Tunes intro video and to DiseNgaged for the use of their song "The Real Me" (copyright 2020)

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