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August 8th, 2021 - An Interview With Kevin Riddles Of Tytan


Hey there metal maniacs!  Your friend the Meista here with a special treat for you... an e-mail interview with the legendary Kevin "Skids" Riddles, bassist and founding member of Tytan, Kev Riddles' Baphomet, ex-Angel Witch, etc.! 


What have you been up to musically speaking this past year? Can we expect new TYTAN music in the near future? 
 I have been very busy writing songs for the new album "Death For Glory" and we have a couple of new tracks that will feature in our set list.

What can you tell us about your new project, Kev Riddles' Baphomet? Who is involved? What is the concept? 
The idea is to gig the Angel Witch material from the 1st album and the era in which I was involved. Richie Wicks (ex-Angel Witch/Tygers of Pan Tang) is on vocals, along with Gary "Magpie" Bowler (Medicine Hat/Satan's Empire/Magpie) on drums, Peter Welsh (Tytan/Tenebrae) is on guitars.

How did you originally get started in music? 
Learning piano and French horn at school, gave me a great start, which progressed to guitar and then bass guitar.

Both your musicianship and song writing prowess is wonderfully and profoundly powerful! What musicians have influenced you most… both in terms of your bass work and as a songwriter? A - Greatest influences have been John Entwhistle (The Who), John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin), and Chris Squire (YES), all of whom are melodic players and it is what I have always aspired to.

Do you follow other metal bands? What musicians/bands are currently on your radar? Who do you listen to in your down time? Who do you think we should be listening to more? 
Always interested in hearing different metal bands, its hard to follow specific bands but I do enjoy old school classics which everyone should be listening to more haha!

Is there a specific ‘message’ you are trying to convey with your music? 
An awareness of political incompetence of our so called leaders, along with trying to get people to like each other more.

What is your favorite song to perform live and why? 
"Blindmen & Fools" because it was Tytan's 1st single and we will always perform it in any setlist, as a fan favourite.

Do you have any live shows scheduled at this time? Once things open back up, do you have any plans of playing American any time in the not-too-distant future? 
We have live shows in the UK this year, and several in Europe for 2022 so that is good to look forward to. We would love to play in America, BUT the costs of securing visas and sponsorship make it prohibitive for us, for us and any other UK based bands. Of course, should any promoter wish to assist in this venture, please get in touch with us!! :)

Are there any shows/festivals that really stand out to you from the early days (Angel Witch or Tytan)? 
Angel Witch at Reading 1980, Angel Witch with Motorhead at Bingley Hall. - Tytan at Keep It True 2012 and HRH NWOBHM 2017.

Is there one person living or dead you would most like to meet?
Anthony Wedgewood Benn or Winston Churchill or Robert Plant

What does the future hold for you? What are your plans for the coming year? 
Buy more lottery tickets, paly more gigs and introduce my lovely lady wife to Robert Plant! :0

Brews and Tunes pairs craft beer with hard rock, progressive rock, and heavy metal. So, Kev Riddles comes home from a long day at the studio or from a show… what beer does he grab and what album does he spin to help him decompress? 
Any German wheat beer and Handel's Water Music.

Anything else you would like to convey to my readers about your music?
It is the same with my music as any music, listen... enjoy... and support your local venues!!

Cheers!  -Kev

A huge thank you to Mr. Kev Riddles for doing this interview with me!  Make sure to check out Tytan and Kev Riddles' Baphomet at the following links:

Cheers and hails!!

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